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Equine Wishlist

Digital radiograph machine, $80,000

A digital radiograph machine will provide the equine section the ability to provide radiographs in the new Equine Performance Testing Center (EPTC). 

Equine Ultrasound:  $35,000

This ultrasound will be used specifically to image in the new Equine Performance Testing Center.  This will be a dedicated unit for imaging musculoskeletal system for equine lameness examinations

Equine Field Service Ultrasound:  $20,000

This ultrasound unit is needed to provide ultrasounds for all of our field service veterinarians. 

Compact Utility Tractor, $20,000

A utility tractor is necessary to maintain the grounds and provide transportation of feed and equipment between the EPTC and the VHC.

Arena Harrow $8,000

A specifically designed rake to provide the best working surface for the arena.

Tru-cut Spring Loaded Biopsy Gun, $1,500

Specially designed to obtain a large quality, reliable core tissue sample.

Equine Nebulizer:  $1,100

This device will allow delivery of liquid solutions to be delivered to the lungs.  This device is necessary to adequately treat horses with recurrent airway obstruction (heaves) and inflammatory airway disease.

Equine Telemetry Unit: 

This will be provide real time information on ECG for horses either during exercise, or while in the hospital needing constant monitoring. $2,000

Surgery Table: $30,000 each

Our two surgery tables need to be replaced.  

Serum amyloid A testing (stall side):  $1,500

Serum amyloid A is a protein which increases in the face of acute inflammation or infection (and before an increase in white cell count or fibrinogen concentration).  This test can be used stall side.

Make a donation of any amount to Equine Services here.

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