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Veterinary Health Center
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Cardiology WishList

CardioTeamDear Friend,

Restarting the cardiology service at the VHC is an exciting adventure and we are thrilled to offer these services once again to the Midwest. We have made it our mission to make customer service a priority and treat your pet as we would our own.

The equipment below will allow us to provide the best care possible while also providing a superior education to future veterinarians. For more information on assisting us with this WishList, please contact the VHC Development Office, 1800 Kimball Ave., Suite 200, Manhattan, KS 66502.


Dr. Justin Thomason, Assistant Professor, Cardiology

Cardiology Fund, Any Amount

A fund for purchasing any of the following equipment and contributing to research and teaching needs.

i12L-RS - Intra Operative Linear Probe, $6,000

Necessary for small rodents procedures.

Trans-esophageal echocardiography probe (TEE), $10,000

TEE uses high-frequency sound waves to make detailed pictures of your heart.

Catheter Cart, $4,000

Essential equipment for surgical procedures.

Smart Board, $8,000

An interactive board for teaching students that enhances the atmosphere of learning.

Learning Tools, $3,500

Enhance the student experience with an iPad, stethoscope library, cardiology textbooks and funds for student teaching.

Make a donation of any amount to Cardiology here.

(Select or enter fund No. K38602 at the online giving page)