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Veterinary Health Center

Veterinary Health Center
1800 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506

For appointments or emergencies call:

Small Animal Desk
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Large Animal Desk
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Veterinary Health Center Wish Lists


GE Healthcare Procare Monitor B450, $25,500

Monitors ECG, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory, parameters such as inspired oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide, oxygen saturation of hemoglobin by pulse oximetry, temperature and inspired exhaled concentration of the anesthetic being used. These monitors allow us to provide constant and accurate monitoring of our patients to ensure the utmost quality of care and patient safety. 

Sonosite Edge II Portable Ultrasound $37,000

Anesthesia services have noted improved accuracy of regional nerve blocks with local anesthetics when they are done using ultrasound guidance. Many nerve blocks, such as femoral nerve block for hindlimb surgery, are now done to enhance the level of intra-operative and post-operative pain relief that we can achieve. Our second goal for the use of this ultrasound machine is to measure the response of the heart to intravenous fluids. In some critically ill patients, it can be difficult to know if low blood pressure is due to poor blood volume or dilation of blood vessels. Using ultrasound, we can evaluate the heart's response to a bolus dose of intravenous fluids and assess whether further IV fluid therapy would be appropriate.

Make a donation of any amount to Anesthesia here.



Cardiology Fund, Any Amount

A fund for purchasing any of the following equipment and contributing to research and teaching needs.

Trans-esophageal echocardiography probe (TEE), $10,000

TEE uses high-frequency sound waves to make detailed pictures of your heart.

Catheter Cart, $4,000

Essential equipment for surgical procedures.

Ergonomic Ultrasound Chair, $1,000
Learning Tools, $3,500

Enhance the student experience with an iPad, stethoscope library, cardiology textbooks and funds for student teaching.

Make a donation of any amount to Cardiology here



Digital radiograph machine, $80,000

A digital radiograph machine will provide the equine section the ability to provide radiographs in the new Equine Performance Testing Center (EPTC). 

Equine Ultrasound:  $35,000

This ultrasound will be used specifically to image in the new Equine Performance Testing Center.  This will be a dedicated unit for imaging musculoskeletal system for equine lameness examinations

Equine Field Service Ultrasound:  $20,000

This ultrasound unit is needed to provide ultrasounds for all of our field service veterinarians. 

Arena Harrow $8,000

A specifically designed rake to provide the best working surface for the arena.

Tru-cut Spring Loaded Biopsy Gun, $1,500

Specially designed to obtain a large quality, reliable core tissue sample.

Equine Nebulizer:  $1,100

This device will allow delivery of liquid solutions to be delivered to the lungs.  This device is necessary to adequately treat horses with recurrent airway obstruction (heaves) and inflammatory airway disease.

Surgery Table: $30,000 each

Our two surgery tables need to be replaced.  

Make a donation of any amount to Equine Services here.



Small endoscopes, $3,000

Smaller sizes are needed for use in birds and other small exotic pets.

DRE Monitoring Waveline Touch Monitor, $4,400

Monitors NIBP, SPO2, ECG, respiratory and temperature.

Anesthesia unit upgrades, $800

Two existing units require updating for use in exotic animals.

Medical table, $1,500

A table to hold radiosurgery equipment.

Enthermics Fluid warmer, $3,120
Make a donation of any amount to Exotics and Zoological Medicine here



Snyder Oxygen Cage and Installation - $28,100

Our current oxygen cage can only accommodate cats and small dogs. Adding a larger oxygen cage will minimize stress for our patients who need oxygen supplementation and who cannot fit into the smaller cage. In order to incorporate a larger oxygen cage into the Intensive Care Unit, some construction is required.

Make a donation of any amount to the ICU here.



Livestock Services

Ultrasound for Clinic Use,  $20,000

Bovine Surgical/Obstetric Facility Renovation, $60,000

Necessary building remodel to improve student and animal safety, decrease surgical time, increasing positive outcomes.

Flying W Hydraulic Chute – $25,000

To improve student and animal safety. It is used every day on multiple patients.   

Adjustable Alleyway, $8,000 

An improvement that would drastically improve clinic efficiency, decrease animal and client wait time, decrease animal stress.

X-Ray Generator $10,000 

A tool often used for prognosis and would allow clinicians to take computed radiography films efficiently when animals are on the tilt table.

2.5 mHz Ultrasound Probe for Field service unit, $6,000

Deeper probes are necessary for adult animal diagnostics.

Image Capture/Display cart, camera, and screen for microscope images, $3,000

Updated equipment to show images accurately and offers convenient mobility.

Digital Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope battery operated with multiple sized cones, $400
Pearson Portable chute with palpation cage and X force Hydraulic squeeze, $10,000

This is a manual hydraulic squeeze which could use it for surgery with mild modification while also being available for mobile field service use.

Make a donation of any amount to Livestock Services here.



Support for oncology graduate student education and research, Any Amount

A fund for purchasing any of the following equipment and contributing to research and teaching needs. 

Color photo printer and laminator, $500

For the preparation and presentation of educational materials for clients, as well as the collation and presentation of data from our clinical research projects.

Monitor and camera for microscope display, $3,000

Essential for student education and presentation purposes. 

Make a donation of any amount to Oncology here.



SL-17 Slit Lamp Biomicroscope, $4,500

The slit lamp is an instrument we use on a daily basis to examine the front portion of the eye in every patient. It is a portable device that allows us to evaluate the cornea, anterior chamber, lens, and vitreous, in addition to the eyelids and other external eye structures. We diagnose many important eye diseases, such as cataracts, with the help of the slit lamp. This is a handheld version of the instrument optometrists use to examine the eyes of their human patients. It is the most frequently used piece of equipment for our department.

Teaching headset for retinal examinations, $10,500

This item allows us to examine the retina and optic nerve of each patient in great detail while projecting the image to a TV monitor so that our students and clients may see what we do during our evaluation. We perform retinal exams on every patient as a part of the complete ophthalmic examination. This equipment will help us to educate future veterinarians on how to perform a thorough retinal exam by allowing us to demonstrate variations of normal as well as abnormalities. It will also help us to explain disease processes to our clients as we diagnose their pets with specific conditions that affect the retina or optic nerve. This is a cutting edge tool for educating students and pet owners!

Operating Microscope, $100,000

The operating microscope is a very important piece of equipment. We perform many surgeries using the scope, including cataract surgery, conjunctival grafts, keratectomies, and glaucoma surgeries. It is one of our most-used pieces of equipment.

Graduate Training for Residents, $7,000 each (currently 2 residents)

Ophthalmology residents pursue a master’s degree as part of their three year program. This requires an additional 18 hours of course work and research for each of the residents in the Ophthalmology Service.

Compassionate Care Fund, Any amount

The Compassionate Care Fund would allow us to provide treatment or perform needed surgeries on pets when an owner cannot afford the entire cost.

Make a donation of any amount to Ophthalmology here


Small Animal Medicine

Small Animal Medicine Resident Support, Any Amount

Provide funding for educational conventions and assists with exam fees and graduate study costs for the internal medicine residents.

Make a donation of any amount to Small Animal Medicine here


Small Animal Surgery

Small Animal Surgery Small Animal Surgery Remodel $5 million

The current Small Animal Surgery suite in Mosier Hall was constructed in 1979 and requires remodeling to reflect modern work flow and sterility considerations. Remodeling the surgical area would improve conditions of many surgical procedures and efficiencies to accommodate increased surgical case load.

Endowed Small Animal Surgery Faculty Position $1 million

An endowed faculty position will enhance the surgery service and bring top talent to the VHC.

2.4mm Fracture Repair System, $3,500

This system is newly developed and will expand our capabilities to repair fractures in animals such as small dogs and large cats.

Adjustable Clinic Quad Cart, $1,000

A cart with head rest, tow handle, brakes and stirrups for patients that have just had surgery.

McNamara Endowment, Any Amount

This endowment provides annual funding for a national surgical convention for each SAS resident. It pays the tuition and supply costs for the MS program that is combined with the residency at KSU CVM.

Orthopedic Equipment Fund

Support updates to general orthopedic equipment.

Surgery Technician Enhancement Fund, Any Amount

Technicians will benefit from an endowment that provides funds to pay for continuing technician education meeting travel, lodging and other expenses not covered by state funding.

Make a donation of any amount to Small Animal Surgery here