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Kansas Veterinary Educational Supply Service


KVESS is a non-profit organization that is operated solely for the purpose of providing books and supplies to veterinary students and veterinarians. Monies generated from sales profits are distributed back to the student body each year through donating supplies for the Junior Surgery Lab program.

You can find us at 2615B Anderson Road.
We are located in the basement of Papa John's.

KVESS Website

KVESS hours:
Tuesday 5:30-7:30 pm
Wednesday 5:30-7:30 pm
Saturday 12:00-2:00 pm

Contact info:
We can be reached at (785)537-9295 or email us at
You can also fax us at (785) 537-5101.

2013-2014 Officers and Representatives

President Sabra Ortega, 2015
Vice President Kelsey Bradley, 2015
Secretary Emma Faulkner, 2016
Treasurer Melissa Ben, 2016
Junior Rep

Philip Allen, 2013

Christine Fosnacht, 2013

Jenna Krohn, 2013

Sophomore Reps

Amanda Ball, 2014

Robert Martinez, 2014

Alee Scott, 2014

Freshman Reps

Kelsey Bradley, 2015

Todd Luttgeharm, 2015

Sabra Ortega, 2015


Our Store Manager

Pat Dembkowski Email:

Feel free to ask questions any time or give us feedback on ways to improve KVESS.