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Kansas State University
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KSU Theriogenology Club

Welcome to the KSU Theriogenology Club!

Our goal is to provide students with educational opportunities related to animal reproduction. We are a member of the Society for Theriogenology. All students with the desire to learn about animal reproduction as it relates to veterinary medicine are encouraged to join—level of experience is of no importance. Our monthly meetings feature faculty and guest speakers knowledgeable on the subject of animal reproduction and reproductive technology.

We strive to provide interesting and active wet labs such as breeding soundness exams, ultrasound, and semen handling and collection where students can gain practical hands-on experience in techniques that are used every day in the veterinary profession. Come join us!

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Robert Larson Email:

2013 - 2014 Officers

President Brandi Taul, 2015
Vice President Allison Ten, 2015
Secretary Cassie Schmidtberger
Treasurer Jeremy Kramer, 2015
Fundraising Mark Brunson, 2015