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Phi Zeta Awards

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1st Place:
Megan Lawrence – Effect of Cefovecin on the Fecal Escherichia coli of Healthy Dogs

2nd Place:
Allison Melia – Viral Reassortment following Co-infection with Pandemic H1N1 and Human Seasonal H3N2 Influenza Viruses in vivo and in vitro     
3rd Place:
Stephanie Shishido – Gap Junction Enhancer Increases Efficacy of Cisplatin to Attenuate Mammary Tumor Growth



1st place:
Kristina Bigelow – Regulation of gap junctions in colon cancer cells

2nd Place:
Vinay Shivanna Crucial role of bile acids in the trafficking of porcine enteric calicivirus during the early stage of replication
3rd Place:
Jingjiao Ma – Isolation and characterization of novel reassortant H3N2 swine influenza viruses with the 2009 pandemic H1N1 genes in the United States



1st Place:
Marlene Townsell – Carotid artery pseudoaneurysm in a cat   
2nd Place:
Sonya Wesselowski – Interruption of the caudal vena cava with azygous continuation and a caudal vena cava aneurysm in a dog

 3rd Place:
Rachel Moon – Vaginal Leiomyoma and Hematoma in a 6 year old Pug


Clinical Science/Applied Research Companion Animal/Other Presentations:

1st Place:
Jonathan Pucket – Comparison of efficacy and duration of topical anesthetics on corneal anesthesia in clinically normal horses
2nd Place:
Liz Devine – Pharmacokinetics of Intramuscular Morphine in the Horse

3rd Place:
Megan Haney – Is Rapamycin Anti-Epileptogenic?


Clinical Science/Applied Research Food Animal Presentations:

1st Place:
Charley A. Cull – Effects of a vaccine and a direct-fed microbial on fecal shedding of E. coli O157:H7 in pens of commercial feedlot cattle
2nd Place:
Kelly Foster – Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Transmission from Persistently Infected Cattle to Non-Persistently Infected Cattle When Commingled:  An Evaluation of Serum Neutralizing Antibody Titers

3rd Place:
David Amrine – Determining precision and accuracy of clinical illness scores compared to pulmonary consolidation scores in Holstein calves with induced Mycoplasma bovis pneumonia


Other Special Awards

Benjamin and Catherine Kurz Research Scholarship
Jacqueline Black

A.S.R. Ganta Graduate Student Award
Deepthi Uppalapati         
A.S.R. Ganta Veterinary Student Award
Victoria Beale

Miller Pathology Scholarship Award
Laura Rice

Mahlon Vorhies Production Animal Award
Tera A. Rooney

Dr. Harish C. and Ved K. Minocha Scholarship
Nanhua Chen
Xiangdong Li

Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence
Dr. Kyeong-Ok Chang, Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

Dr. Cornelius Graduate Student Travel Award

Naomi Ohta