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Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine


Phi Zeta Awards

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Cameron L. Duncan - Porcine Vas Deferens Luminal pH and Underlying Androgen Sensitive Mechanisms for Rapid Alkalinization

Snehal Tawde - Nanocrystalline metal oxide dermal absorption

Dharmendra Kumar Maurya - Rat umbilical cord matrix stem cells significantly attenuate the growth of murine lung carcinoma cells in a syngeneic mouse model


Basic Science Research Presentations:

1st place:
Lalitha Peddireddi
– Identification of putative regulatory sequences and RNA polymerase binding sites in the promoters of two outer membrane protein genes of Ehrlichia chaffeensis

2nd Place:
Pradeep R. Malreddy - Functional and molecular characterization of TASK-2 potassium channel in porcine vas deferens epithelial cells

3rd Place:
Mohammad M. Al-Bataineh - P-glycoprotein mediates transport of benzylpenicillin in a cultured bovine mammary epithelial cell (BME-UV) model


Mahlon Vorhies Production Animal:
B.W. Wileman – Analysis of modern technologies commonly used in beef cattle production: Conventional beef production verses non-conventional production using meta-analysis


Case Report:
Amy Armentrout – Equine Keratoma


Clinical Science Research Presentations:

1st Place:
Jose J. Bras - Biomechanical comparison of a less invasive technique and the current accepted technique for arthrodesis of the equine proximal interphalangeal joint

2nd Place:
E. Taylor - Genetic variation and Shiga toxin production of Escherichia coli O157:H7 isolates from bovine and human feces
3rd Place:
J. Trent Fox - Efficacy of liver abscess vaccines in natural-fed finishing cattle and the impact of liver abscesses on performance and carcass characteristics


Dr. Charles E. Cornelius Graduate Student Travel Award
Chanran Ganta

Miller Pathology Award
Bridget Garrity

Benjamin Kurz Research Scholarship
Emily Meyer

A.S.R. Ganta Graduate Student Award
Gunjan Gakhar

A.S.R. Ganta Veterinary Student Award
Bridget Garrity

Dr. Harish C. and Ved K. Minocha Scholarship
Charles Coats

Pfizer Animal Health Award for
Excellence in Research by a Faculty Member
Dr. David Renter