K-State Veterinary Research Scholars Program


2014 Schedule
Veterinary Research Scholars Workshops
Thursday, 8:30 AM, 235 Coles Hall


Topic/Faculty Presenter

May 22

"Real Life of a Biomedical Researcher"
Dr. Mike Kenney

May 29

“Dual Degree Options at KSU and a Career of Opportunity”
Dr. Bob Rowland

June 5

"Basic Science and Cancer Research"
Dr. Annelise Nguyen

June 12

“Epidemiology and Animal Health Research”
Dr. David Renter

June 19

“Scientific Presentation:  Preparation for a National Meeting”
Drs. Bruce Schultz
June 26 “Hearing Loss in Children: Milestones Between Bench and Bedside”
Dr. Philine Wangemann
July 3 Holiday/No Meeting

July 10

PowerPoint Poster "How To”
Gina Scott

July 17 “Dual Degree at KSU success with an MPH”
Dr. Mike Cates
July 24 2014 VRSP Student Presentations

July 29

Poster Exhibit

July 31

Depart for Merial-NIH National Scholar Symposium –
Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine