K-State Veterinary Research Scholars Program


2002 Veterinary Research Scholars

2002 Summer Research Program


Year in Curriculum


Andy Abbo Sophomore Dr. Ruthanne Chun
Lisa Abbo Sophomore Dr. David Poole
Mark Beerenstrauch Sophomore Dr. Kathy Mitchell
Dr. Deryl Troyer, Dr. Mark Weiss
Adam Carter Freshman Dr. Chris Ross
Christine Cocquyt Freshman Dr. Howard Erickson
Dr. Earl Gaughan
Jennifer Davis Freshman Dr. George Stewart
Teresa Finley Freshman Dr. Philine Wangemann
Heather Hoch Sophomore Dr. Michael Kenny
Kirsten Johnson Freshman Dr. Daniel Marcus
Mandy Stamper Sophomore Dr. Bonnie Rush


2002 Schedule of Research Workshops
(Wednesdays, 8:30 AM, Coles 235)

Date Faculty Facilitators Topic
Dr. Freeman Orientation: What can I expect this summer?
29 Drs. Kenney & Freeman Scientific Method I: Asking the question; Obtaining research funding
Drs. Poole & Musch Experimental Techniques I: In vivo and in vitro techniques - cardiovascular physiology
12 Day Trip to Midwest Research Institute in Kansas City, MO
19 Drs. Freeman, Barkyoumb*, Schermerhorn Research career paths for DVMs: "I did it my way"
26 Drs. Marcus & Kenney Experimental Techniques II: In vivo and in vitro techniques – electrophysiology
Drs. Weiss & Mitchell Experimental Techniques III: Techniques for studying the expression of message and protein
10 Students Discussion of Work-In-Progress
17 Drs. Hunter & Schultz Scientific Method II: Performing the experiment(s); Evaluating the data; Drawing conclusions
24 Dr. Rush & Program Alumni Scientific Method III: Presenting the results of your research
31 Drs. Wangemann & McAllister Experimental Techniques IV: In vivo and in vitro techniques – microcirculation
Merck-Merial National Scholar Symposium at Purdue University
7 No Seminar: Final Practice Sessions; Loading Presentations
8 Symposium & Banquet: Research Presentations & Recognition
* Dr. Barkyoumb is Executive Director, Nonclinical Drug Safety, Quintiles, Kansas City