K-State Veterinary Research Scholars Program


2001 Veterinary Research Scholars

2001 Summer Research Program

Name Year in Curriculum Mentor
Lisa Bausch Freshman Dr. Rick McAllister
Ron Boyd Sophomore Dr. Mark Weiss
Jamie Bush Freshman Dr. Laura Garrett
Alana Cent Freshman Dr. Peter Chenoweth
Dean Fahlman Freshman Dr. Bruce Schultz
Anna Lear Freshman Dr. Richard Oberst
Eva Restis Freshman Dr. Roman Ganta
Jason Rucker Sophomore Dr. Jan Sargent
Kenny Summers Freshman Dr. Tim Musch
Lynde Wright Freshman Dr. Kathy Mitchell

Veterinary Medicine Students Spend Summer Doing Intensive Research

Schedule of Research Workshops
VMS 235



May 22nd
Scientific Method I: An Algorithm for Discovery
May 29th
(Kenney, Hunter)
Scientific Method II : Asking the question and obtaining research funding
June 5th
(Marcus, Kenney)
Experimental Techniques I: In vivo and in vitro techniques- electrophysiology
June 12th
(McAllister, Wangemann)
Experimental Techniques II: In vivo and in vitro techniques- microcirculation
June 19th
(Rush, Sargeant)
Designing and conducting experiments at the bench, in the clinic, and in the field
June 26th
(Poole, Musch)
Experimental Techniques III: In vivo and in vitro techniques- cardiovascular physiology
July 3rd
(Weiss, Mitchell)
Experimental Techniques: Techniques for studying the expression of message and protein
July 10th
(NIH Summer Students)
WIP (Work in Progress)
July 17th
(Schultz, Garrett)
Scientific Method III: Evaluating the data, and drawing conclusions
July 24th
(Freeman, Payne, Spire, Schermerhorn)
Research Career Pathways for DVMs: "I did it my way"
July 31st
(Ross, Berge, Bailey)
Scientific Method IV: Presenting the results of your research
August 10th Symposium and Banquet