K-State Veterinary Research Scholars Program


2000 Veterinary Research Scholars

2000 Summer Research Program


Year in Curriculum


Jerry Bausman Sophomore Dr. Lisa Freeman
Stasia Bembenek Freshman Dr. Michael Dryden
Samantha Berge Freshman Dr. Philine Wangemann
Chris Donnelly Sophomore Dr. Richard Oberst
Sarah Henrikson Freshman Dr. Bonnie Rush
Lily Mesa Sophomore Dr. Jan Sargeant
Joshua Peterson Freshman Dr. Ruthanne Chun &
Dr. Laura Garrett
Carin Ramsel Freshman Dr. Mark Weiss
Casey Ramsel Sophomore Dr. Howard Erickson
Jared Walahoski Sophomore Dr. Peter Chenoweth

Photos of Students

Schedule of Research Workshops
VMS 235



May 23rd

Scientific Method I:  Posing the question, developing the hypothesis, setting up the experiment

June 6th Opportunity to view Conference Posters
June 13th Experimental Techniques I:  Techniques for studying the expression of message and protein
June 20th Experimental Techniques II:  In vivo and in vitro electrophysiological techniques
June 27th Experimental Techniques III:  Designing and conducting field trials and clinical trials
July 11th Experimental Techniques IV:  In vivo and in vitro techniques for studying microcirculation
July 19th Obtain research funding
July 26th Scientific Method II:  Conducting the experiment, evaluating the data, and drawing conclusions
August 1st Scientific Method III:  Presenting/Publishing the results of your research
August 11th Symposium and Banquet