K-State Veterinary Research Scholars Program

Interested in exploring state-of-the-art research that fosters improvement of human and animal health?

Curious about career opportunities for veterinarians in research? 
Looking for an opportunity to visit other Colleges of Veterinary Medicine?  

If so, then consider applying to one of numerous summer research programs offered by veterinary schools across the country.

Information about these programs can be found at the Merial Veterinary Scholars web site: http://www.merialscholars.com/

The National and Canadian Research Opportunities for Veterinary Students web site: http://cvm.msu.edu/research/summer-research-program-1/national-and-canadian-research-opportunities/national-and-canadian-research-opportunities-for-veterinary-students

And the Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (for T35 supported programs) web site: http://dpcpsi.nih.gov/orip/cm/resource_dirtawards.aspx

These programs provide veterinary medical students with opportunities to perform mentored research in a number of exciting scientific disciplines, attend and participate in a national symposium and at the same time be paid a competitive stipend. Program time-lines, locations and research foci vary such that you can surely find a program that fits your goals.

Your Profession needs researchers and last year alone, over 400 veterinary students participated in summer research programs that was capped off by attending the National Merial/NIH Symposium!   If you are among this growing cadre of students who want to explore the excitement and personal rewards of research, there is a great resource for you and your peers provided by the colleges of veterinary medicine

Consider a research program this summer – it will be a very rewarding experience!

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