K-State Veterinary Research Scholars Program

2014 Schedule
Veterinary Journal Club/Discussion
Tuesday, Noon – 235 Coles Hall

Date Facilitators Topic/Assigned Reading
May 19 Orientation NO SESSION
May 20 Orientation Week NO SESSION
May 27

Faculty: Dr. Beth Davis
Students: Kyle Pfeifer
              Stephanie Rainbolt

Topic: Clinicians in the Laboratory
Chandler, Science Next Wave, 12/30/03
Jorm et al. BMJ 1996; 313-867-869
June 3

Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
Students: Michael Porta
               Vien O

Topic: Mentor Selection
Reckelhoff, The Physiologist, Vol 51 (4), 2008
Amos Jones Case
June 10 Faculty: Dr. Beth Davis
Students: Elli Unruh
              Colleen Geertsema
Topic: Laboratory Relationships
Bob Bailey Case
June17 Faculty: Dr. Bruce Schultz
Students: Nate Kapaldo
              Erin Jobman
Topic: Laboratory Ethics
Martinson BC, Anderson MS, De Vries RG.  Scientists behaving badly.  Nature. 2005;435:737-738.
June 24 Trip to Hills Pet Nutrition NO SESSION
July 1 Faculty: Dr. Beth Davis
Students: Loren Easterwood
              Ellen Kim
Topic: Ethical Use of Animals
Jenny Ito Case
Counting Sheep
July 8 Faculty: Dr. Bruce Schultz
Students: Melissa Juby
              Katie Haukos
Topic: Data Manipulation/Publication Delay
Marty Brown Case
July 15 Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
Students: Grace Chen
              Chris Siepker
Topic: Authorship and Contribution
Rennie, Muscle & Nerve 2001;1274-77
Cho and McKee, Science Next Wave, 03/01/2002
Horton and Hou Case
July 22 Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
Students: Brittany Blattner
              Travis Wiley
Topic: Discussing Preliminary Data
Marie Shields Case
Tom Owens Case
July 29 Mentors and Mentees Poster Session / Discuss plans for travel to Cornell University

Veterinary Journal Club/Discussions:  Discussion of each assigned reading will be led by a group of veterinary scholars.  The reading assignments will be made available on the VRSP website: http://www.vet.k-state.edu/research/vet.scholar/index.htm. Scholars will have the opportunity to sign up on-line. Program faculty will be available to assist students as needed. Note: students present; faculty assist!

Lunch will be provided each Tuesday.  Scholar pairs should coordinate their meal preferences with Lenay Marteney lenaym@vet.k-state.edu