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College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Journal Club/Discussion

2016 Schedule
Tuesday, 5:30 – 235 Coles Hall
DateFacilitatorsTopic/Assigned Reading
May 24

Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
Student: Savannah Luu


Topic: Scientists – Translational Research

  1. Young scientists go for fresh ideas; Nature 2015, Volume 518, page 283.
  2. Lost in Translation – Basic Science in the Era of Translational Research. R.P. Morrison, Infection and Immunity 2010, 78:2, 563-566.
May 31

Faculty:Dr. Beth Davis
Student: Cristian Perez
            Stephen Mercer

Topic: Process of Finding a Mentor

  1. Early Career Mentoring for Translational Researchers: Mentee Perspective on Challenges and Issues; Keller et al,Teach Learn Med. 2014; 26(3): 211–216.
  2. Thoughts on choosing a research mentor
    Mentorship and pursuit of academic medicine careers; Yehia et al. BMC Medical Education 2014, 14:26
June 07

FacultyDr. Annelise Nguyen
Student:Cara Bocon

Topic:  Laboratory Ethics and Laboratory Relationships

  1. Martinson BC, Anderson MS, De Vries RG.  Scientists behaving badly.  Nature. 2005;435:737-738.
  2. Zhai, H, Zhong, W, Wu, Y. Research, evidence and ethics: new technology or grey medicine. Annals of Translational Medicine. 2015;3(2)15.
June 14

Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
Student: Erin Strathe

Topic: Ethical Use of Animals

  1. Jenny Ito Case
  2. Counting Sheep
June 28

FacultyDr. Bruce Schultz
StudentsPayge Fleming
              Kelsey Madden

Topic: Data Manipulation; Next Generation of Data

  1. Marty Brown Case
  2. Preparing a New Generation of Clinician for the Era of Big Data; Moskowitz et al, Harv Med Stud Rev. 2015 January; 2(1): 24–27.
 July 05


Happy 4th of July Holiday

 July 12

Faculty: Dr. Annelise Nguyen
Students: Kelley Black
              Chiyu Guan

Topic: Collaboration

  1. Case Study 1: When Collaborators Disagree
  2. Case Study 2: Why Can’t We all Just Get Along?
 July 19Faculty: Dr. Bruce Schultz
StudentsMichael Schettler
                Stanislaw Warcholek

Topic: Authorship and Contribution

  1. Ethical assignment of authorship in scientific publications: issues and guidelines. Feeser et al, Academic Emergency Medicine 2008, 15:963-969.
  2. Graduate students and the culture of authorship. Sarah Oberlander and Robert Spencer, Ethics & Behavior 2006, 16(3), 217-232.
 July 26Poster Presentation Poster Session / Discuss travel to Ohio State