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College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Journal Club/Lecture/Discussion


2018 Schedule
Veterinary Journal Club/Lecture/Discussion
Tuesday 12:00PM – 343 Coles Hall




Topic/Assigned Reading

May 14

Orientation week


May 22

Faculty: Nguyen

Student: Sarah Stuebing

Topic: Mission, Philosophy and Training of Veterinarian Scientist

  1. DVM/PhD veterinarian scientist
  2. Physician-scientist workforce report
  3. Example of training program

May 29

Faculty: Springer

Student: Keith Lewy

Topic: Translational Research

  1. Developing translational medicine professionals
  2. Relationship among translational medicine, evidence-based medicine and precision medicine
  3. Translating clinical trials from human to veterinary oncology and back

June 5

Faculty: Nguyen

Student: Kaitlyn Hastings

Topic:  Technological Advance in Biomedical Research; Unmet Needs in Biomedical Research

  1. Compounding: goal remains to fulfill unmet need
  2. Unmet needs in veterinary behavior
  3. Critical needs for research in veterinary medicine

June 12

Faculty: Schultz

Student: Ally Fitzgerald

Topic: Laboratory Ethics

  1. Plagiarism and publication ethics: Dos and don’ts
  2. Truth and Consequences

June 19

Faculty: Schultz

Topic: Communication and Presentation

  1. How to write a good abstract for a scientific paper or conference presentation

June 26

Faculty: Nguyen

Student: Meghan Lancaster


Topic: Collaboration

  1. How to collaborate
  2. Importance of collaboration
  3. Collaboration between human and veterinary medicine

July 10

Faculty: Nguyen

Student: Hao Shi


Topic: Authorship and Contribution

  1. Authorship matrix
  2. Honorary and ghost authorship
  3. Ethical issues concerning authorship in biomedical journals

July 17

Faculty: Nguyen

Student: Jacob Herford


Topic: Big Biomedical Data

  1. Sharing Big Biomedical Data
  2. What is Data Sharing and Why Should Biomedical Research Embrace it

July 24

Poster Presentation on July 31

Poster Session / Discuss plans for travel to Texas A&M University, College Station, TX