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College of Veterinary Medicine

Image Analysis Facility

Supervisor Dr. Mark Weiss.

The image analysis facility houses a Leica DMRD microscope with brightfield, darkfield, phase and epifluorescence capabilities and three-axis stage encoding.

  • The microscope is setup for modern immunofluorescence work and has an extensive list of fluorescence filter cubes for multiple labeling applications.
  • The microscope has a camera system with two 35mm camera backs and an Optronics DEI 870 color camera.
  • The Optronics camera is used for electronically capturing images for documentation or for analysis using the R&M Biometrics Bioquant True Color Windows image analysis system.
  • The image analysis software has stereology and three-dimensional reconstruction capabilities built-in.

In addition, the image analysis facility houses a computer workstation with attached scanner and one of the two departmental color laser printers.

For more information about using the facility, contact Dr. Mark Weiss.