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CORE - Primary Faculty

Nora BelloNora M. Bello, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Statistics
(785) 532-0523

Dr. Bello’s research focus is in the development and application of linear mixed models, with emphasis on hierarchical Bayesian implementations and applications motivated by problems in animal agriculture and veterinary epidemiology. Of particular interest is the hierarchical modeling of sources of heterogeneity at multiple levels, including means, variances and covariances/correlations across levels of the data structure to capture the inherently multidimensional complexity of production systems.

Natalia CernicchiaroNatalia Cernicchiaro, DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
(785) 532-4241

Dr. Cernicchiaro's research focus is on the application of epidemiological concepts and methods, including multi-level modeling and knowledge synthesis and translation techniques, to design, implement and interpret observational and experimental studies pertaining to food safety, zoonoses, arthropod-borne diseases and production medicine. She teaches basic and advanced epidemiology courses and mentors students in the MPH, MS, and PhD programs.

Elva ChaElva Cha, DVM, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Economics
(785) 532-4604 

Dr. Cha’s research is on the optimization of animal health decisions through economic modeling and statistical analysis of population data and assessing the value of information when making optimal decisions. She integrates her experience from the pharmaceutical industry, and training in economics, epidemiology, and biostatistics, toward the evaluation of clinical trial, observational, and synthesis research data.

Steve DritzSteve Dritz, DVM, PhD

Professor, Swine Production and Nutrition
(785) 532-4202

Dr. Dritz uses field-based research to solve current problems facing swine producers. He is experienced managing data collection using sophisticated experimental designs and analysis in field settings. In addition, Dr. Dritz teaches a foundation level data management course (DMP 830) focused on a variety of population-based disciplines in veterinary medicine and animal production.

Bob LarsonBob L. Larson, DVM, PhD, ACT, ACVPM-Epi, ACAN

Professor, Coleman Chair Food Animal Production Medicine
(785) 532-4257

Dr. Larson’s primary area of interest is the integration of cattle health, production efficiency, and economic considerations in order to improve the long-term sustainability of beef producers. He mentors graduate students in production medicine, epidemiology, and public health, and he teaches veterinary and graduate courses in epidemiology, reproduction, production medicine, and experimental design.

Lina MurLina Mur, DVM, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases Epidemiology
(785) 532-5552

Dr. Mur’s research focus is on the application of epidemiological methods for the prevention and control of Foreign Animal Diseases. This research includes the characterization of the disease in affected territories (disease measures’ and risk factor studies), risk assessment, spatial analysis and surveillance methodologies including risk-based and syndromic surveillance approaches.


Dustin L. PendellDustin L. Pendell

Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics
(785) 532-3525

Dr. Pendell’s research focuses on economic issues related to animal health that span from the producer through the supply chain to the final consumer. He teaches a course in data analysis and optimization.

David RenterDavid G. Renter, DVM, PhD

Professor, Epidemiology and Director, Center for Outcomes Research and Epidemiology
(785) 532-4801 

Dr. Renter’s outcomes-based research enables valid data-driven decisions to improve animal health/well-being, food safety, production efficiency, and economic viability of animal health systems.  He teaches epidemiology and mentors students in DVM, MPH, MS, and PhD programs.

Michael SandersonMichael W. Sanderson DVM, MS, DACVPM-Epidemiology

Professor, Epidemiology and Beef Production
(785) 532-4264

Dr Sanderson’s research is focused on health, well-being and decreased production in beef production enterprises, through the application of epidemiology, risk analysis and disease modeling to facilitate optimal decision making.  He teaches Epidemiology, Disease Modeling, Beef Production and mentors DVM, MS, MPH and PhD students.


Ted SchroederTed C. Schroeder

Professor, Agriculture Economics and Director, Center for Risk Management Education and Research
(785) 532-4488

Dr. Schroeder conducts economic analysis to address issues of importance to the livestock and meat industry. Emphases include economics of animal health, food safety, and market and demand analysis. He teaches courses in agricultural marketing and risk management and directs the Center for Risk Management Education and Research.

Victoriya Volkova

Victoriya Volkova, DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
(785) 532-6321

Dr. Volkova researches the epidemiology and drivers of bacterial antimicrobial resistance. She focuses on how antimicrobial use in farm animals interacts with the bacterial ecology and genetics in creating the patterns of resistance in animal bacteria, how to survey the use and resistance, and to lessen resistance transfer between animal, human and environmental bacteria.

Brad WhiteBrad White, DVM, MS

Professor, Beef Production Medicine and Director, Beef Cattle Institute
(785) 532-4243

Dr. White is part of an active research team working to improve cattle health and well-being.  The primary research focus is bovine respiratory disease with emphasis on production efficiency and economic viability of animal well-being decisions.  Dr. White teaches electives in production medicine, cow-calf medicine, and rural business management.