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Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research (RIVER) - Puducherry, India

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As part of an agreement between KSU CVM and RIVER, students from both universities will have the opportunity to gain clinical and public health experience. For KSU students, RIVER provides many opportunities to see a high caseload with diverse clinical presentations not commonly seen in the United States.

RIVER boasts excellent facilities including large and small animal hospitals, research and diagnostic laboratories, and animal and crop production units. Participating students would develop an understanding about the importance of community engagement and have an opportunity to get involved in some of the extension projects that RIVER runs. Like Kansas State University, RIVER is linked to an agricultural college, providing students with the opportunity to learn about sustainable production tailored to a different environment.

The institute provides the infrastructure to support student exchanges including comfortable accommodation and highly experienced teaching faculty.

Puducherry is located on the coast, not far from the city of Chennai. It is a welcoming town with outstanding ambiance, food and culture, frequented by many tourists, particularly from France.

More information about RIVER can be found on the university’s website, and you can read about the city of Puducherry here.

Please contact the International Programs office if you are interested.