Student Tablet PC Policies

Issuance/Usage Policy

Tablet PC Repair Policy

Lost or Stolen Tablet PCPolicy

Tablet PC Policies for veterinary students at Kansas State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Issuance/Usage Policy

  1. All incoming freshmen receive a Tablet PC with particular hardware and software specifications that have been selected by the Computer and Technology Support(CaTS)service group and endorsed by the faculty and Associate Dean for Academic Programs to best serve the needs of the students and faculty. Students are expected to have their Tablet PCs with them and be logged into the CVM network during each class session.

  2. Each TabletPC includes classroom management software that allows instructors to take attendance, view the TabletPC screen, and limit student access to resources and information during class.  This software is used at the discretion of the instructor only during the instructor’s class period.  Students found attempting to bypass the software for its intended purpose will be subject to review by the Student Board of Ethical Behavior. Policy Acknowledgement Form

  3. Students will incur a technology fee each semester they are enrolled that pays for the hardware, software, digital notes, and computer support while they are students at KSUCVM. Other fees may be incurred if the Tablet PC is lost, stolen, or damaged (see below).

  4. The Tablet PCs remain the property of the CVM until the students complete the program and all technology fees are paid.

  5. Only CVM-issued Tablet PCs will be serviced by the CaTS group.

  6. Students that leave or are dismissed from the CVM will return their Tablet PC to CaTS.

  7. Students that return to the CVM curriculum will receive an updated Tablet PC and will be required to pay the technology fee.

Tablet PC Repair Policy

All Tablet PC repairs are performed on-site by the college’s Computing and Technical Services (CaTS) unit in Trotter Room 4. Charges may apply depending on the nature of the repair. The following guidelines and charges pertain to repairs for the computers issued to KSUCVM Students:

  • All repairs must be made through CaTS. If circumstances make it difficult to have the device repaired at KSUCVM, prior authorization must be obtained from CaTS to use another Fujitsu certified repair shop prior to any repairs.
  • All warranty repairs are provided at no cost by KSUCVM.
  • There will be a charge for accidental damage to the equipment at a rate of $100.00 per incident, with only one such covered incident allowed per calendar year. 
  • The student is responsible for 1) all equipment replacement part costs related to additional accidental damage incidents, 2) external damage of a purely cosmetic nature, and/or 3) full Tablet PC replacement cost if damaged beyond repair.
  • Tablet PCs that experience liquid spill damage of any substance may be considered a total loss depending on the substance and/or type of damage.  If considered a total loss, the student is responsible for full replacement cost of the device.
  • If there is a hardware or software problem with the Tablet PC that the technician is not able to resolve immediately, a loaner Tablet PC will be issued to the customer until the student’s device is repaired.
  • CaTS will only support the hardware and software configuration on the Tablet PC as it was originally issued to the student. If there is a software issue that requires that the device’s hard drive be re-imaged, CaTS will only restore academic data from a recoverable hard drive or student-supplied backup. The student is responsible for restoring any personal software or non-academic data.

For additional questions regarding the repair of your Tablet PC, please contact the CaTS Hotline at 785-532-4725 or visit Trotter Room 4.

Lost or Stolen Tablet PC Policy

Students are responsible for the loss or theft of university issued equipment at full replacement cost. The cost can be waived in partial or full if the unit is recovered undamaged. Payments must be made to the CVM Business Office, room 102 Trotter Hall. 

To increase chances of recovery, all incidents of loss or theft must be reported to CaTS as soon as possible so that we can provide necessary information to authoritiesThe incident must also be reported to K-State Police within 48 hours. If the Tablet PC is stolen off-campus, the theft must also be reported to the police department in the municipality in which it was stolen. The student must bring a copy of the police incident report(s) to the CVM Business Office. When the student brings the incident report to the Business Office, an appointment will be scheduled for the student to pick up a replacement device.