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  1. Changing with the times - August 2001 - College of Veterinary Medicine takes steps to safeguard livestock, producers, public from foreign animal disease outbreaks

  2. Clearing Up Misperceptions - August 2001 - Veterinarians discuss facts and myths about mad cow, foot-and-mouth diseases

  3. Fleas Be Gone - 1998 - Principal investigator involved in flea research is Dr. Michael W. Dryden. He received his BS in 1982, DVM in 1984, at Kansas State University. He went on to receive his MS in 1988 and Ph.D. in 1990, both at Purdue. Others aiding in the effort are veterinarian Dr. Robert K. Ridley and entomologist Alberto B. Broce. Several other KSU faculty members also have been involved.

  4. Chenoweth Assumes Chair - 1998 - Clinical scientist and professor Peter John Chenoweth became the inaugural holder last fall of the Edgar E. and M. Elisabeth Coleman Chair in Food Animal Production Medicine. The chair in veterinary medicine is unique to the United States.









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