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Sources: Tom Rawson, 785-532-6226;
Ron Trewyn, 785-532-5110,
Friday, October 24, 2003

WHAT IT IS: Kansas State University's Biosecurity Research Institute will be a comprehensive biosafety level 3 facility, providing an environmentally safe and secure location for K-State scientists to study pathogens that threaten humans, livestock and crops. Scientists also will be working on ways to stop these microbes from spreading, threatening our national food supply and harming our national economy.

LOCATION: North of K-State's Veterinary Medicine Complex, along the east side of Denison Avenue.

COST: This project has a current budget of around $50 million. It is being financed with revenue bonds, federal funds, private cash contributions and gifts-in-kind. The Biosecurity Research Institute was one of three research facilities — the other two at the University of Kansas and Wichita State University — being built under special legislation approved by the 2002 Kansas Legislature.

SIZE: The Biosecurity Research Institute includes about 34,000 net assignable square feet of laboratory, office space and training space.

CONSTRUCTION TIME FRAME: Construction will start in 2004 and is expected to take two years to complete.

FACILITY ARCHITECT: Peckham, Guyton, Albers and Viets was selected as the architectural firm to design the institute. The firm has offices across the United States, including in the Kansas City area, and has considerable experience and expertise in designing facilities similar to the Biosecurity Research Institute. The architectural team includes a variety of specialized consultants, including biocontainment specialists, security consultants, meat processing specialists and others.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION SERVICES: Turner Construction is providing construction manager at-risk services to the project. The firm, with offices worldwide, has participated in construction of biosecurity facilities at many other locations throughout the United States.

PROJECT OVERSIGHT: The University Research and Development Enhancement Corporation was established under special legislation to oversee design and construction of the Biosecurity Research Institute, as well as research facilities approved by the legislature at KU and Wichita State. The eight-member corporation is chaired by Clay C. Blair and meets monthly.

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