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Kansas State University

CLASS OF 2013 Honors Banquet


Award Recipient(s)
Abbott Animal Health-Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society Award Teresa Borys
All Feline Hospital Award Melissa Waller
American College of Veterinary Anesthesiologists Award Christopher George
American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Clinical Excellence Awards Christine Fosnacht - large animal
Victoria Beale - small animal
Jacklyn Mantz - small animal
American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists Award Katelyn Fentiman
American College of Veterinary Radiology Award Linda Watson
American College of Veterinary Surgeons Large Animal Award Tyler Aschbrenner
American College of Veterinary Surgeons Small Animal Award Ashley Goble
Dr. Harry D. and Alberta F. Anthony Award Kellie Allen
Association of Avian Medicine Award Amy Guernsey
Dr. Joseph A. Bogue Memorial Award Angela Kargus
Melba Cornwell Budge Memorial Award Elizabeth Karwacki
Dr. Wayne and Drucecillia Burch Memorial Awards Kellie Allen
Todd Askren
Lauren England
Becky Hamm
Clement Neely
Chelsey Sigle
Karin Thomasson
James and Terry Carpenter Scholarship in Excellence in Zoo, Wildlife, and/or Exotics Jennifer Huang
Dr. Ruthanne Chun Oncology Award Jenna Giangarra
Ch. Forfox Liz Claiborn CDX Scholarship Samantha Coppedge
Paul and Phyllis Curd Memorial Awards Shannon Amato
Heidi Barreiro
Michelle Colgan
Lindsay Everson
Jennifer Gih
Jenna Hill
Megan McKeage
Brandy Shamburg
Julie Stanton
Elizabeth Thompson
Carolyn Yang
Dr. George W. Daily Memorial Award Robert Hainline
Dr. Richard and Pam DeBowes Professional Leadership Award Caitlin Brown
RC Dillman Award Amy Gaschler
Dr. R.R. and Karen Domer Award Cade Moses
George Draeger Strength Through Adversity Award Jami Grace
Dennis A. Evans Memorial Award Raymond Marandola
Dr. Hi Faubion Memorial Award  Kathryn McClaskey
Dr. O.M. Franklin Memorial Epidemiology and Public Health Award Brooks Butler
Dr. O.M. Franklin Memorial Theriogenology Award Thomas Gonzales
Dr. O.M. Franklin Memorial Toxicology Award Lauren Bodenhamer
Gentle Doctor Award Krystal Kidder
Douglas Hoppas Memorial Award Eric Tempel
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Howell Memorial Award Katelyn Fentiman
International Veterinary Academy for Pain Management Excellence Award Jenna Krohn
Dr. William F. and Helen R. Irwin Memorial Award Cole Wenzel
Dr. L. Derald and Mary Ellen Jernigan Award Carson Abrams
Dr. Jody Johnson Veterinary Medical Leadership Award Sylvia Lee
Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association Compassionate Animal Care Award Claire Legallet
Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association Radiology Award Philip Allen
Dr. Kenneth R. Kimbell Memorial Scholarship Jessica Oquist
Dr. John S. Koen Memorial Award Darla Dwyer
Francis Lucille Koss Memorial Award Ashley Talley
Dr. Alvin A. Lidolph Memorial Award Victoria Beale
Dr. James T. Marsh Memorial Award Clement Neely
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Mayo Memorial Food Animal Award Danelle Bauman-Cromer
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Mayo Memorial Equine Award Jennifer Giraldin
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Mayo Memorial Exotic Animal Award Amy Guernsey
Merck Veterinary Manual Awards Victoria Beale
Christine Fosnacht
Jennifer Giraldin
Ashley Goble
Katelyn Harvey
Kyle Renaldo
Laura Rice
Brandy Shamburg
Ashley Talley
Karin Thomasson
Elizabeth Thompson
Linda Watson
Dr. J. Sidney Michum Memorial Award Matthew Wright
Dr. Bishan Das and Ram Bai Minocha Memorial Award Kyle Renaldo
Marie Mohr Memorial Award Victoria Countner
Rodney K. Morgan Memorial Award Jennifer Booth
Dr. Jake and Betty Mosier Award Natasha Krause
Dr. F.P. and Jane Moynagh Award Katelyn Harvey
Radar Mullet Clinical Excellence Award Lori Bedient
Nestle Purina Excellence in Companion Animal Nutrition Award Adam Hatesohl
Novartis Ethicon Surgery Awards in Hard Tissue Surgery Katelyn Harvey
Novartis Ethicon Surgery Awards in Soft Tissue Surgery Philip Allen
Dr. Jay Richard Olson Memorial Award Kelly Schaefer
Pet Tribute Awards

Kaycie Baxley
Jennifer Collins
Laura Rice
Maggie Trefney

Irene and Marsh Plumlee Award Camille Thibault
Dr. Jerry R. Rains Memorial Award Danelle Bauman-Cromer
Mary J. Reed Equine Compassion Award Cole Wenzel
Dr. John and Mary Jo Cortelyou Rust Avian Pathology Award Kelly Clark
Dr. John and Mary Jo Cortelyou Rust Laboratory Animal Pathology Award Ashley Talley
Dwight and Judy Smith Award Katelyn Harvey
Society for Theriogenology Proficiency Award Karin Thomasson
Dr. Don H. Spangler Memorial Award Christina Burgard
Dr. Glenn Ray Teagarden Memorial Award Karin Thomasson
Donald M. Trotter Scholarship Nicholas Crossland
Veterinary Cancer Society Clinical Oncology Award Kyle Renaldo
Dr. Albert Francis and Clara I. Wempe Memorial Award Nicholas Kennedy
Wempe - Luckeroth Family Award Jenna Krohn


Faculty/Staff Awards
Award Recipient(s)
Pet Tribute House Officer Awards Dr. Jane Ashley Stuckey, Ophtho
Dr. David Upchurch, Small Animal Surgery
Pet Tribute Technician Award Lisa Bryant
Pet Tribute Faculty Fellow Award Dr. Emily Klocke
Norden-Pfizer-Zoetis Animal Health Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award Dr. Ken Harkin