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College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine

Kansas State University
101 Trotter Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Student Chapter of the American Animal Hospital

Student Chapter of the American Animal Hospital (SCAAHA) is dedicated to providing students with current information on small animal medicine and surgery and practice management topics. In addition to monthly meetings and lectures, multiple wet labs are scheduled during the year to provide hands on activities aimed at improving clinical skills. Weekly rounds on internal medicine topics are held in a problem based learning format, which helps integrate theoretical knowledge from class with practical applications from real hospital cases. All students are welcome to be members.

2013 - 2014 Executive Officers

Team LeaderMisty Yancey, 2015
Team Leader ElectAlyssa Jonson, 2016
Student AmbassadorTBA, Fall 2012
AdvisorDr. Ken Harkin

AAHA Rounds
Mondays at Noon