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College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medical Library

Non-University Library Research Services


Carol Elmore, MALS
Research Services Librarian
Kansas State University
408 Trotter Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-5614

Telephone and Fax
785-532-2838 fax


Monday 1-5pm
Tuesday 8am-Noon
Wednesday 8am-Noon
Thursday 1-5pm
Friday 1-5pm


Reliable staff at the veterinary medical library are available to veterinary practitioners, industry, corporations and allied professionals.


Excellence and quality are our goals.


  • Database searching
  • Document delivery including Loansome Doc
  • Reference assistance
  • Patent searching


Our efficiency, experience and expertise can save you time and provide current, comprehensive and reliable information.


Assurance is given that we understand the proprietary nature of your business and all searches and document requests are confidential.


Resources include Medline, CAB (veterinary and agriculture), other related databases, extensive journal collection, and up to-date medical and scientific books.


Costs are nominal:

  • Journal articles are $12.50 each sent U.S. mail or Web PDF
  • Loansome Doc charges are the same
  • Database searches $20 per 15 minutes

Note: most searches take less than 1 hour with an average of 15 to 30 minutes.

Frequently, the librarian will do a preliminary search at no charge and discuss the results with you to refine the keywords before completing the full literature search.

You review the results of the final search to select the articles you want to order.

Rush, fax, FedEx and other services are available for an additional fee. Visa and MasterCard accepted. For more information, see the Loansome Doc Ordering System or contact Carol Elmore.  


Helpful and personal assistance is available from your:

Research Services Librarian, Carol Elmore.