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Veterinary Medical Library
College of Veterinary Medicine
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Veterinary Medical Library Closure

Starting Monday, March 16, the library will be closed for the foreseeable future.  If you need to reach a member of the library and print graphics staff please use email. Andi Parrish aparrish@vet.k-state.edu will be your contact for providing services online and assist you to the extent we are able.  Heather Etelamaki hetelama@vet.k-state.edu provides back-up for Andi.  Susie Larson Larson@vet.k-state.edu will be able to help online with setting up documents, tweaking items and so forth.   I will be available to assist with IACUC searches starting  April 1.  gwillard@vet.ksu.edu 

At this time you have access to databases including CABI and PubMed at K-State Libraries lib.k-state.edu.  If you don’t see a link to full text on the library page be sure to check PubMedCentralPMC  is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM) and includes articles that are not in PubMed or CABI.  There are also many free text journal articles in Google.   You can also search for books at lib.k-state.edu as we have a large number of books in electronic format. 

If you have library materials checked out please know that there will be no fines. Items may be left in our book return but nothing will be processed until we return. You can also renew books electronically at the Hale Library site.  

We know this is a difficult transition for faculty and students.  We’re a service oriented library so please don’t hesitate to email us with any concerns and we’ll try to find a solution for you.  

Gayle Willard, MS, MLS, AHIP
Veterinary Medical Library