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KSU CVM Camelid Medicine Club


The KSU CVM Camelid Medicine Club is dedicated to enhancing student understanding of the unique medicine of camelids, such as llamsa, alpacas, vicunas, guanacos and old world camels. Members from all backgrounds are welcome, and meeting topics run the gamut from "Intro to Alpacas" to in depth discussions of surgical techniques. The club is very fortunate to have strong ties to the local alpaca community and farm visits are an integral part of membership. Members also benefit from the networking opportunities offered by the Camelid Medicine Club. In previous years, Camelid Club students have attended conferences, assisted at alpaca shows, participated in the care of the VHC alpaca herd and mentored with several outstanding camelid practitioners.

Club dues are $5 dollars a semester. Wet labs or farm visits are held twice a semester, and priority is given to students involved in club events, such as fundraising and open house. Elections are held in early spring.

President:Jennifer Aucott, 2018
Vice President:Shanna Marroquine, 2018
Secretary:Melissa Zukle, 2017
Treasurer:Stephanie Skinner, 2018