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SCAAHA - Student Chapter of the American Animal Hospital Association

SCAAHA Website 

The KSU Student Chapter of AAHA is an organization whose goal is to provide veterinary students with knowledge and experiences dealing with small animals. 

We have monthly meetings with guest speakers highlighting various aspects of small animal practice, for example: behavior, surgery, holistic/alternative medicine, diagnostic imaging, pocket pets, ad more. AAHA sponsors small animal rounds every Friday at 12:30. Cases are presented by house officers and senior students, and a cash award is given every semester to the best speaker in each category. We also hold several wet labs throughout the year on clinical care, dentistry, and ultrasound. We host an annual conference in the spring semester for area practitioners, technicians, and students. 

Student memberships benefits include: free student membership to the national organization, journal subscription for $20/year, discounted purchase of all AAHA materials and publications, free registration to all regional meetings and animal meetings, meeting voucher entitling the graduating veterinarian to a 50% discount at one regional and one annual meeting, free "Planning Your Veterinary Career" manual (distributed during the junior year), senior clinical proficiency award given at each school, and student placement service (for summer jobs, etc.)

Pets and People is a subgroup of AAHA providing educational and therapy opportunities to local schools and nursing homes. All pets used in this program have passed the Delta Society Pet Partners temperament test to ensure the safety of all participants. Nursing Home Visitation Program: Our pet visitation program takes student owned pets and school blood donor animals into area nursing homes for regularly scheduled visits once a month to each of three homes (St. Joseph, Stoneybrook, and Meadowlark). Educational Program: We provide several programs on basic pet care, exotics, and environmental issues to area elementary and middle schools. The programs can be tailored to fit the needs of the individual class. The presentations are made utilizing the available visual aids and temperament tested animals. 

Offices held in the student chapter of AAHA include president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, freshman representative, and two Pets and People representatives. Elections are held at the March meeting every year. The freshman representative is elected during their first class meeting.