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College of Veterinary Medicine

Administrative Policy on Social Networking Sites

Posting of material related to the College of Veterinary Medicine (including veterinary clinical service, diagnostic procedures, teaching and research) on social networking sites is unprofessional and may pose a serious threat for the CVM and its personnel. Pictures of animals (whether university- or client-owned), patient information, and details relating to classes and laboratories, work in the Veterinary Health Center, or externship experiences are strictly forbidden from being posted on Facebook, MySpace, blogs or any other social networking internet website without specific approval from the dean or an appropriate administrator responsible for the activity in question (e.g., department head, director of the Veterinary Health Center, or director of the K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory). Failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action, including potential dismissal from the DVM or graduate educational program or termination of employment.