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College of Veterinary Medicine

DMP Visiting Scholars


hongpingHongping Hoa

Visiting from China to focus on bacterial-host interaction research.

Program dates, 3/15/16 thru 10/15/17

grans456@vet.k-state.eduDr.  Philip Hardwidge

BingmingBingming Ou

Visiting from China to further his training in the research fields of Molecular pathogenesis and prevention.

Program dates, 1/1/17 thru 12/31/17



Dr. Weiping Zhang


TangZhiru Tang

Visiting from China to promote Animal health in collaboration and improving Chinese research in ways to benefit China and K-state University.

Program dates, 6/6/16 thru 7/20/17



Dr. Philip Hardwidge


zi-li wangZi-Li Wang

Visiting from China to collaborate and improve research in animal health.

Program dates, 6/1/16 thru 7/20/17


Dr. Philip Hardwidge


heweiHewei Zhang

Visiting from China to conduct research to fulfill his PhD degree.

Program dates, 11/1/16 thru 4/30/18


Dr. Ying Fang


zhangYongning Zhang

Visiting from China to conduct research on the applied science in the field of inspection and quarantine.

Program dates, 8/1/16 thru 8/1/17

yongningzhang@vet.k-state.eduDr. Ying Fang