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College of Veterinary Medicine

Wenjun Ma

 Assistant Professor

BVSc 1996, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China
MVSc 1999, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Beijing, China
PhD 2003, Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen, Germany

Phone: 785-532-4337
Fax: 785-532-4039
Email: wma@vet.k-state.edu


My research interests are viral diseases of animals, with an emphasis on emerging zoonotic viral infections. My current research focuses on understanding mechanisms of pathogenesis and developing vaccines for different zoonotic viral pathogens, such as Influenza virus, Rift Valley Fever virus and other viral infections in livestock and poultry. I am also interested in development of rapid detection systems for viral diseases.


My primary teaching role is to further develop graduate student training in virology. I participate in the teaching of one graduate course (DMP-910, Pathogenic Mechanisms of viruses, 3 credits) with other faculty.

Selected publications

Wenjun Ma, Kelly M. Lager, Xi Li, Bruce H. Janke, Derek Mosier, Laura E. Painter, Eva S. Ulery, Jingqun Ma, Porntippa Lekcharoensuk, Richard J. Webby, Jürgen A. Richt. 2011.  Pathogenicity of swine influenza viruses possessing an avian or swine-origin PB2 polymerase gene evaluated in mouse and pig models. Virology. 410 (1):1-6.

Wenjun Ma, Richard Oberst, Xi Li, Deborah Clouser, Richard Hesse, Raymond Rowland, Jürgen A. Richt.  2010. Rapid detection of the pandemic H1N1 virus by real-time and gel-based RT-PCR assays. Influenza and other respiratory viruses. 4(6): 397-403.

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Wenjun Ma and Juergen A. Richt. 2010. Swine influenza vaccines: current status and future perspectives. Animal Health Research Reviews, 13: 1-16.

Wenjun Ma, Dominique Brenner, Zhongfang Wang, Bianca Dauber, Christina Erhardt, Katrin Hoegner, Susanne Herold, Stephan Ludwig, Thorsten Wolff, Kangzhen Yu, Juergen A. Richt, Oliver Planz and Stephan Pleschka. 2010. The NS-Segment of an H5N1 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (HPAIV) is Sufficient to Alter Replication Efficiency, Cell Tropism and Host Range of an H7N1 HPAIV. Journal of Virology, 84 (4): 2122-2133.

Wenjun Ma Amy L. Vincent, Kelly M. Lager, Bruce H. Janke, Steven C. Henry, Raymond R. R. Rowland, Richard A. Hesse, Jürgen A. Richt. 2010. Identification and characterization of a highly virulent triple reassortant H1N1 swine influenza virus in the United States. Virus Genes, 40: 28-36.

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Amy L. Vincent, Kelly Lager, Wenjun Ma, Porntippa Lekcharoensuk, Marie Gramer, Christie Loiacono, Juergen A. Richt. 2006. Evaluation of hemagglutinin subtype 1 swine influenza viruses isolated from the United States. Veterinary Microbiology, 118(3-4): 212-22.

Crystal L. Loving, Susan L. Brockmeier, Wenjun Ma, Juergen A. Richt, Randy E. Sacco. 2006. Innate cytokine responses in porcine macrophage populations: evidence for differential recognition of dsDNA. Journal of Immunology, 177(12): 8432-9.