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College of Veterinary Medicine

Bonto Faburay

 Research Assistant Professor, Microbiology

Post-doctoral Fellow (2008) - Kansas State University, USA
PhD (2007) - Utrecht University, The Netherlands
DVM (with Honors) (1996) - Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, Russia

Phone: 785 532 3639
Fax: 785 532 4039
Email: bfaburay@vet.k-state.edu


My primary research interest is in emerging and zoonotic diseases and includes diagnostics, vaccines, molecular microbiology and molecular epidemiology to develop effective countermeasures. My current research involves a variety of pathogens of zoonotic and agricultural importance such as Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV), Schmallenberg virus (SBV) and prions (scrapie and chronic wasting disease) and focuses on diagnostics, vaccines and molecular virology. I extensively use recombinant baculovirus expression system as a platform for expression of specific pathogen proteins for use in research in diagnostics and subunit vaccines. My other research interest includes RNA interference as a tool for posttranscriptional silencing of specific virus and host genes and its potential application as an antivirus therapeutic agent. Additionally, I am interested in research into host receptor(s) used by RVFV for attachment to initiate infection of target host cells; the identification of a host-specific receptor should facilitate the development of novel and effective antiviral treatment. Furthermore, I maintain research interest in diagnostics and vaccines for Ehrlichia ruminantium, an emerging tick-borne rickettsial pathogen with zoonotic potential and the causative agent of heartwater disease in domestic ruminants (sheep, goats and cattle). I am interested in promoting research, training and capacity building through national and international collaboration

Selected publications

Wilson WC, Weingartl HM, Drolet BS, Davé K, Harpster MH, Johnson PA, Faburay B, Ruder MG, Richt JA, McVey DS. (2013). Diagnostic approaches for Rift Valley fever. Dev Biol (Basel). 2013;135:73-8. doi: 10.1159/000276828 

Bonto Faburay, William Wilson, Scott D. McVey, Barbara S. Drolet, Hana Weingartl, Daniel Madden, Wenjun Ma, Alan Young, Juergen A. Richt (2013). Rift Valley fever virus structural and non-structural proteins: Recombinant protein expression and immunoreactivity against antisera from sheep (Vector-borne and Zoonotic Diseases; in press)

Bonto Faburay, Huitao Liu, Lalitha Peddireddi and Roman R. Ganta (2011). Isolation and Characterization of Ehrlichia chaffeensis RNA Polymerase and Its Use in Evaluating p28 outer Membrane Protein Gene Promoters. BMC Microbiol11:83

Ryo Nakao, Ellen Y Stromdahl, Joseph W Magona, Bonto Faburay, Boniface Namangala, Imna Malele, Noboru Inoue, Dirk Geysen, Kiichi Kajino, Frans Jongejan, and Chihiro Sugimoto (2010). Development of Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Assays for Rapid Detection of Ehrlichia ruminantium. BMC Microbiol. 10: 296 

Faburay, B., Jongejan, F., Taoufik, A., Ceesay, A., and Geysen, D. (2008). Genetic diversity of Ehrlichia ruminantium inAmblyomma variegatum ticks and small ruminants determined by restriction fragment profile analysis. Vet. Microbiol. 126: 189-199

Faburay, B., Geysen, D., Munstermann, S., Taoufik, A., Postigo, M., and Jongejan, F. (2007). Molecular detection of Ehrlichia ruminantium infection in Amblyomma variegatum ticks. Exp. Appl. Acarol. 42: 61-74.

Faburay, B., Geysen, D., Munstermann, S., Bell-Sakyi, L., and Jongejan, F. (2007). Longitudinal monitoring of Ehrlichia ruminantium infection in lambs and kids by pCS20 PCR and MAP1-B ELISA. BMC Infect. Dis. 7 (1) 85 

Faburay, B., Geysen, D., Ceesay, A., Marcelino, I., Alves, P.M., Taoufik, A., Postigo, M., Bell-Sakyi, L., and Jongejan, F. (2007). Immunisation of sheep against heartwater in The Gambia using inactivated and attenuated Ehrlichia ruminantium vaccines. Vaccine 25: 7939-7947

Faburay, B., Munstermann, S., Geysen, D., Bell-Sakyi, L., Ceesay, A., Bodaan, C., and Jongejan, F. (2005). Point seroprevalence survey of Ehrlichia ruminantium infection in small ruminants in The Gambia. Clin. Diagn. Lab. Immunol. 12: 508-512