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College of Veterinary Medicine

Natalia Cernicchiaro

 Assistant Professor, Epidemiology

DVM - University of Uruguay (2003)
MSc (Epidemiology) - University of Minnesota (2006)
PhD (Epidemiology) - University of Guelph (2010)
Post-doctoral fellow - Kansas State University (2011)

Phone: 785-532 4241
Fax: 785-532 4851
Email: ncernic@vet.k-state.edu


My primary research focus is on veterinary epidemiology, food safety, zoonoses and production medicine. My research interests include the application of epidemiological concepts and techniques, including multi-level modeling and other statistical methods, to design, implement, analyze, and interpret observational and experimental data.  I like to integrate the use of core epidemiological and economic approaches to analyze large operational datasets on feedlot cattle health and performance as a way to enhance the practical understanding of cattle health problems. My projects have involved a variety of pathogens, such as Escherichia coli O157:H7 and respiratory disease organisms in cattle and wildlife hosts. Other research interests include the application of knowledge synthesis and translation techniques as a tool to help practitioners, and producers making evidence-based decisions. In addition, I am interested in promoting education and research through national and international collaboration.


I coordinate and instruct the Advanced Epidemiology course (DMP 954) for graduate students and I help teach introductory Epidemiology and Applied Production Medicine courses. In addition, I participate in mentoring students in the MS, PhD and MPH programs.

Selected Publications

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Cernicchiaro, N., Paddock, Z.D., Cull, C.A., Nagaraja, T.G., Renter, D.G. 2014. Fecal shedding of non-O157 serogroups of Shiga toxin--producing Escherichia coli in feedlot cattle vaccinated with an E. coli O157:H7 SRP® vaccine and fed a Lactobacillus-based direct-fed microbial. Journal of Food Protection. 77:732-737. 

Swirski, A.L., Pearl, D.L., Williams, M.L., Homan, J., Linz, G., Cernicchiaro, N., LeJeune, J.T. 2014. Spatial epidemiology of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in dairy cattle in relation to night roosts of Sturnus vulgaris (European starling) in Ohio, USA (2007-2009). Zoonoses and Public Health. 61:428-435. 

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Cernicchiaro, N., White, B.J., Renter, D.G., Babcock, A.H., Kelly, L., Slattery, R. 2012. Effects of weight loss during transit from sale barns to commercial feedlots on health and performance in feeder cattle cohorts arriving to feedlots from 2000 to 2008. Journal of Animal Science. 90:1940-1947. 

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Rioja, E., Cernicchiaro, N., Costa, M.C., Valverde, A. 2012. Perioperative risk factors for mortality and length of hospitalization in mares with dystocia undergoing general anesthesia: a retrospective study. Canadian Veterinary Journal. 53:502-510. 

Cernicchiaro, N., Pearl, D.L., McEwen, S.A., LeJeune, J.T. 2011. Assessment of diagnostic tools for identifying cattle shedding and super-shedding Escherichia coli O157:H7 in a longitudinal study of naturally infected feedlot steers in Ohio. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease 8:239-248. 

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