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College of Veterinary Medicine

Manuel F. Chamorro

Dr. Manuel Chamorro

Clinical Assistant Professor, Livestock Services

Phone: 785-532-5700
E-mail: mchamorr@vet.k-state.edu

Professional Training:

  • DVM: National University of Colombia, Bogota
  • Internship:  Kansas State University
  • Residency: Auburn University
  • MS: Auburn University
  • PhD: Auburn University


  • Clinical Skills (3rd year)
  • Food Animal Medicine (3rd year)
  • Food Animal Local Practice (4th year)
  • Food Animal Medicine and Surgery (4th year)
  • Supplemental Food Animal Local Practice (4th year)


  • Dr. Chamorro’s research interests are concentrated on respiratory viruses of cattle with specific emphasis in BVDV and in the effect of colostrum-derived immunity on clinical protection and immune response to vaccination in calves.
  • Other area of interest for Dr. Chamorro is the  use of bovine colostrum or colostrum replacers as an alternative to reduce disease and the use of antibiotics in calves. 


Dr. Chamorro’s primary clinical interests are medical and surgical conditions affecting food animals especially cattle. In addition, his clinical interests include bovine respiratory disease complex, gastrointestinal disease, metabolic diseases, lameness and surgery in general. 

Selected Publications