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College of Veterinary Medicine

Computing and Technical Support

Computer Doctors

Our Goals:

  • To provide a reliable and efficient computer network environment by planning, implementing and maintaining systems that fit the needs of the college's faculty, staff and students.
  • To provide support for computer hardware and software installations, maintenance and upgrades.
  • To support the CVM student computing initiative in order to provide the best teaching/learning environment possible.
  • To provide expertise and troubleshooting of software applications that our faculty, staff and students use to accomplish their missions.
  • To develop, enhance and support applications to meet the college's information processing needs.

For all computing related services, call the CaTS Hotline at 785-532-4725, e-mail CaTS@vet.k-state.edu, or stop by room 4, Trotter Hall.

Current K-State I.T. News: