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Philine Wangemann


Video MicroscopyVideo Microscopy

Measurements of the vascular diameter of small arterioles (OD: ~60 µm) are made using video-microscopy. Small vessel segments are mounted on an inverted microscope and held in place with two blunt glass needles. Alternatively, for experiments that require pressurization of the arteriole, vessel segments are perfused with a set of concentric pipettes. Two video-edge detectors are used to follow changes in the vascular diameter.

Video-edge detection is also used to measure cell height of epithelial cells. Epithelial tissue is isolated and folded into a loop. This folded is placed in a bath chamber on the stage of an inverted microscope. Two video-edge detectors are used to follow changes in cell height. This approach has been used to study cell volume regulation and ion transport.

Papers from the lab

Wangemann, & Marcus (1990)
Wangemann, & Shiga (1994) (pdf) 
Wangemann et al (1995)