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College of Veterinary Medicine

Philine Wangemann


Gene ExpressionGene Expression

Total mRNA is isolated (Qiagen) and quantified by spectrophotometry (Nanodrop). The quality of RNA is evaluated by a microfluidic electrophoresis (BioAnalyzer).

Gene expression is analyzed on a global level using gene chips (Affymetrix) or on an individual level using quantitative RT-PCR (Qiagen). Global gene expression analysis requires amplification and labeling of samples (NuGen).

Quantitative RT-PCR reactions are assembled in the 96-well format by a liquid-handling robot (Beckman-Coulter). PCR reactions are monitored by SYBR green fluorescence (iCycler, BioRad).

Papers from the lab

Wangemann et al (2004) (pdf)
Singh et al (2005) (pdf)
Jabba et al (2006) (pdf)