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Philine Wangemann


Confocal ImmunocytochemistryConfocal Immunocytochemistry

Immunohistochemistry is performed on cryosections or on whole-mounts of isolated tissues. Tissues used in the lab are commonly stria vascularis and organ of Corti of the inner ear. Preparations are visualized by confocal microscopy (510 META, Carl Zeiss).

Proteins are labeled with protein-specific primary and Alexa-conjugated secondary antibodies. Stains for nucleic acids (DAPI) and for actin filaments (phalloidin) are used to provide orientation. Laser-scanning bright-field imaging provides orientation and clues toward the quality of tissue preservation.

Papers from the lab:
Wangemann et al (2004) (pdf)
Jabba et al (2006) (pdf)
Wangemann et al (2007) (pdf)