Job Book for GEORGIA 

Date Posted:June 20, 2014
Contact Person:Ms. Tanya Eidson
Practice Name:College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia
Practice Type:University
Job Type:Faculty
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Position description The College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia invites applications for the position of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The Associate Dean provides leadership and management of the Office for Academic Affairs. This office is responsible for a broad array of programs that support the academic mission of the College. Responsibilities include administration of all policies and procedures related to DVM student and academic programs, pre-professional advising and recruitment, admissions, the curriculum, educational policies and standards, scholarships and financial aid, externship programs, and the College’s instructional facilities and equipment. The Associate Dean plays a pivotal role in maintaining the academic standards of the College. Related responsibilities include participation on College, academic, and University level administrative committees, including admissions, curriculum, awards, student appeals, information technology, graduate affairs, and the student faculty liaison committee. The Associate Dean also plays an active role in the administration of the combined DVM/PhD and DVM/MPH programs. The Associate Dean is expected to maintain an active role in instruction in the classroom, laboratory, or teaching hospital. The Associate Dean participates in the full range of student affairs activities needed to successfully support professional veterinary medical students, including advising and diversity. Qualifications A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree or equivalent. Advanced training beyond the veterinary degree, and previous academic administrative experience are preferred. Other desirable qualifications include, but are not limited to: evidence of strong communication (verbal and written) and leadership skills, and experience in working with faculty, staff, and students in developing new perspectives on teaching and learning. Responsibilities The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, reports directly to the Dean of the College and is responsible for the instructional program of DVM students. The Associate Dean leads efforts in curriculum development and monitoring by working with faculty, the curriculum committee, students, and alumni to provide ongoing expertise and guidance in assessing the relevance and effectiveness of instructional materials and methodologies. The College of Veterinary Medicine operates 2 campuses that are 2 miles apart in Athens, Georgia: one for pre-clinical instruction (years 1 and 2 of the DVM program) and one for clinical instruction (years 3 and 4). The Associate Dean is responsible for all matters relating to DVM students at both campuses. The Associate Dean will be assisted in these responsibilities by the Director of Pre-clinical Instruction and the Director of Clinical Instruction. These directors will be full-time faculty with administrative appointments who will report to the Associate Dean. The searches for these directors will be conducted after the Associate Dean is appointed. The Associate Dean administers policies regarding recruitment and pre-veterinary advisement in a manner that encourages the most highly qualified applicant pool. The Associate Dean oversees the admissions policies to maintain an effective, open, and fair admissions process with the goal of gaining admission of the most highly qualified students into the College of Veterinary Medicine. The Associate Dean oversees the supervision of counseling for veterinary students, including financial aid, placement, and mental health. The Associate Dean plays a pivotal role in maintaining the academic standards of the College, and in adjudicating matters related to students in academic difficulty, and violations of College and University policies related to conduct and academic honesty. The Associate Dean participates in an ex officio capacity on the following standing committees: Admissions, Scholarship and Appeals, Awards, Curriculum, Educational Resources and Information Technology, Graduate Affairs, DVM/MPH Program Advisory, DVM/PhD Program Advisory and Student Faculty Liaison. The Associate Dean acts as the College representative to the University Curriculum Committee. In addition, the Associate Dean maintains an active role in instruction by regularly and effectively teaching students in the classroom, laboratory, or hospital within the appropriate area of expertise. The Associate Dean supervises the staff in the Office for Academic Affairs, and oversees the Educational Resources Center and the Veterinary Medical Reading Room. Additional Information For more detailed information regarding the position and the College, please visit Interested applicants should submit a letter of application including a statement of accomplishments and professional goals, a curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of five individuals who may be contacted as references. Applications received before July 31, 2014 will be assured full consideration. Applications should be submitted electronically to Ms. Tanya Eidson (, Office of the Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine. The University of Georgia is an AA/EEO institution.