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Kansas State University

Contact Information:
408 Trotter Hall
Manhattan, Kansas


Services are provided for faculty, staff, and students within the College of Veterinary Medicine.  Our goal is to provide services that enable people to excel in giving presentations, organizing data, saving time, and ensuring that they can access and use information skills and services to maximize quality and consistency. Some services are also available to community patrons. 

The Veterinary Medical Library is located on the 4th floor of Trotter Hall in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University.


  • Collections
    • Besides the main book collection, there are also collections in Reserves, Animals in Society, History, Reference, and Special Collections.
  • Electronic journals
    • Access to electronics journals changes frequently
    • This link provides sites that provide either full-text access or information about access
  • Circulation
    • Most items are available for check out and may leave the library
    • Borrowers must present a KSU ID or other picture ID
    • Items can be checked out from 2 hours – 120 days depending on the type of material
  • Interlibrary loan request form
    • Books and journal articles not available at K-State Libraries can be requested through this service
    • Delivery time is 2-5 days for articles and 3-10 days for books
    • Many items arrive free, you are contacted before any charges would be assessed
  • Faculty Services
    • A number of library services and options are available for CVM faculty
  • Student Services
    • Library tours are available for all veterinary students
    • Assistance is available for searching the online catalog and databases

  • Reference
    • Assistance on searching the online catalog and databases is available
    • Reference items can not be checked out, but copiers are available
  • Print Graphic/Copy Center Services

    • Black & White and Color Copying
    • Note and Manual Binding
    • Professional retouching for graphics enhancement
    • Design and printing of signs
    • Brochure design and printing 
  • Copiers and printing
    • Black and white copying and printing is available for $.06/copy
    • Color copying and printing is available for $.60/copy
  • Photography
    • Portrait Photos
    • Event Photography
    • ID Badges
    • Case Photos
    • Marketing, Research and Product Images
  • Technology items are available for personal and professional use. Items can be reserved and checked out by contacting Library Services at 532-6006. Some of the items available are:

    • Laptops – Toshiba (2), Gateway (1), Dell (2)
    • AC adapters for car (2)
    • Camcorders (5)
    • GPS (4) 2 *New
    • Digital Camera – (4) 1 new high end (Casio,
    • Kodak, Pentax, Nikon D3100 *New)
    • Portable Scanner - *New
    • Flip Camera (2) *New
    • Binoculars (3) one is a Night vision monocular *New
    • Spotting Scope *New
    • LCD Projectors (2) 1 *New
    • Portable Screen
    • Tripods (3)
    • Walkie Talkie (2 sets)
    • Digital voice recorders (5)
    • Laser pointers
    • Apple USB Modem *New
    • Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter *New
    • Wireless Remote