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Kansas State University


Loan Periods

Patron Type Loan Period Renewable
K-State undergraduates 30 days 11 times
K-State graduate students, staff and faculty 120 days 2 times
Kansas residents (with Community Patron Card) 30 days 11 times
Visiting faculty, researchers, and scholars 30 days 11 times

You may renew books in person at the information desk and online in your My Library Account. If your office or lab is on campus, consider the Renew It program. Please return borrowed material to designated return areas.


Special material exceptions to the general loan periods include:

Materials Loan Period Renewable
Post-1960 bound periodicals* 3 days No
Maps 7 days 1 renewal
DVDs & videotapes 7 days 1 renewal
Leisure Collection materials 30 days 1 renewal

*most materials are renewable unless recalled

Borrower Responsibilities

You are responsible for the material you borrow. Please pay attention to loan periods, due dates, and return policies.

Overdue Notices

Overdue "courtesy" notices are sent as reminders but keeping your e-mail and postal mailing address up to date with K-State Libraries will help ensure you receive notices in a timely manner. Please read all notices the Libraries sends to you.

Loan Fines

Some materials accrue fines if you do not return them by the due date.

Loan Type

Renewable? Fine Declared Lost after
3 day loan No $1 per day, $7 max 30 days overdue
7 day loan Yes, one time $1 per day, $7 max 30 days overdue
Leisure Reading Yes, one time No fines unless lost 30 days overdue
30 day loan Yes, 11 times No fines unless lost 30 days overdue
120 day loan Yes, 2 times No fines unless lost 30 days overdue
Interlibrary Loan Check band for restrictions No fines unless lost  
Reserves: 2 hour loan No $2 per hour, $36 max 24 hours overdue
Reserves: 1-7 day loan No $5 per day, $35 max 24 hours overdue

Reports of delinquency are filed with the Registrar's Office for long overdue materials and unpaid fines. This results in holds on records which blocks registration and transcript requests. A delinquency also suspends all borrowing privileges (including renewals). Privileges will be restored once the delinquent account has been settled.

You may pay fines by cash or check at any library service desk or by credit or debit card at the Library Help desk on the second floor of Hale Library. You may also pay online through your My Library Account. Checks made out to K-State Libraries can be mailed to:
                Access Services
                222 Hale Library
                1100 Mid Campus Drive
                Kansas State University
                Manhattan, KS 66506

If you have lost materials you’ve borrowed, please contact us at (785) 532-3014 so that we can help. We cannot refund lost-book fees after 6 months have elapsed since the fees have been paid.


All materials which circulate for more than fourteen days are subject to recall for use by another patron. When a book is recalled, the patron who has the item is notified that the material is needed by another patron and is asked to return the books by a specific date. On the first day that a recalled item is overdue, all borrowing privileges are suspended until it is returned. Fines apply to faculty.


Library materials that have a loan period longer than seven days may be renewed. They can be renewed by bringing the materials to the Information Desk, by bringing the "courtesy" notice to the Information Desk, or by returning, within seven days, the "courtesy" notice via the mail to the Information Desk with instructions to renew.

Discharging Receipts

Patrons may request discharging receipts when returning materials. The receipt will list the books discharged and the date discharged. Obtaining and keeping these receipts will enable patrons to more quickly resolve any problems that may occur later.