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Kansas State University

Animals in Society Collection

Zoology, Animal Behavior, and Psychology

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Responsible Science Q180.55.M67C66 1992
Expert Systems and Computer Aids to Decision-Making QA76.76.E95S36 1986
Animal Organizations and Services Directory QL1 .A472 1992/93
Coming of Age with Elephants QL31 .P68 A3 1996
Animal Care and Use in Behavioral Research: Regulations, Issues and Applications QL55.A55 1989
Basic Care of Experimental Animals QL55.A556 1970
Essentials for Animal Research: a Primer for Research Personnel QL55.B46 1990
Guide to Laboratory Animal Technology QL55.G84 1991
Humane Innovations and Alternatives QL55 .H85 1991-94
The Inevitable Bond QL55.I44 1992
Implementation Strategies for Research Animal Well-being QL55.I57 1991
Laboratory Animal Welfare Bibliography QL55.L273 1988
Laboratory Animal Welfare Research QL55.L2735 1988
Introduction for New Experimenters QL55.L274 1987
National Symposium on Imperatives in Research Animal Use, Scientific Needs and Animal Welfare QL55.N38 1984
Principles of Laboratory Animal Science QL55.P76 1993
Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals QL55.P82
Unheeded Cry QL55.R65 1989
Well-Being of Agricultural Animals in Biomedical and Agricultural Research QL55.W44 1992
Contribution of Laboratory Animal Sciences to the Welfare of Man and Animals--Past, Present and Future QL66.C6 1983
Animals in Peril: How "Sustainable Use is Wiping Out the World's Wildlife QL82.H69 1994
The Rose-Tinted Menagerie QL82.J64 1990
The Animal Smugglers and Other Wildlife Traders QL82.N53 1987
Out of Harm's Way QL83.2 .C75 1996
Living with Wildlife QL84 .L58 1994
Zoos and Animal Rights QL85.A53 1984
Animals and Human Society QL85.A53 1994
Compassion: Our Last Great Hope QL85.B87 1990
Educational Opportunities and Requirements in Human-Animal Environmental Relationships QL85.E38 1984
Both Small and Great Beasts QL85.H55 1987
Vth International Conference on Relationship Between Humans and Animals QL85.I585 1989
The Animal Contract: sharing the planet QL85.M67 1990
Perceptions of Animals in American Culture QL85.P44 1989
Perspectives: Interrelationships of people and Animals in Society Today QL85.P452 1983
Animals in Society QL 85 .T84 1992
Messages from an Owl QL696 .S83 T465 1996
Applied Animal Behavior QL751.A66 1991
Unraveling Animal Behavior QL751.D375 1986
Concepts in Ethology QL751.F793 1974
A Guide to Environmental Research on Animals QL751.G73
How Human the Animals QL751.P5313
Stereotypic Animal Behaviour QL751.6.S76 1993
The Love-life of Animals QL761.B833 1956
The Evolution of Culture in Animals QL775.B58
Social Learning in Animals QL775 .S645 1996
How to Talk to Your Animals QL776.G45 1985
The Psychology and Behaviour of Animals in Zoos and Circuses QL785.H366 1968


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