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Animals in Society Collection

Social and Public Welfare

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His Very Silence Speaks E83.876.L34 1989
Animal Rights, Human Rights: Ecology, Economy, and Ideology in the Canadian Arctic E99.E7W45 1991
A View to a Death in the Morning GN388 .C37 1993
Night After Night GV 1815 .C83 1994
Ecofeminism: Women, Animals, Nature RM391 .A65 D38 1992
International Society for Animal Rights Report HV 4701.I58 1995
Shelter SenseNational Humane Education Center HV 4701.S54
Directory of Animal Rights/Welfare Organizations HV 4702.D57 1984
Of Their Own Free Will HV 4702.H37 1986
Priorities in Animal Welfare:
Proceedings of the Animal Welfare Foundation's First Symposium HV 4704.A54 1984
Proceedings of the Animal Welfare Foundation's Second Symposium: The Detection and Relief of Pain in Animals HV 4704.A54 1985
Assessing Pain in Farm Animals HV 4704.A87 1984
Conferences on the Human- Animal Bond HV 4704.C59 1983
Behavior and Welfare of Farm Animals HV 4704.C66 1983
The Ethics of Using Animals for Food and Fiber HV 4704 .E8452 1994
Field Research Guidelines: Impact on Animal Care and Use Committees HV 4704.F54 1988
Guidelines for the Well-Being of Rodents in Research HV 4704.G85 1990
Recreational Animal Welfare HV 4704.R43 1990
Science and Animal's: Addressing Contemporary Issues HV 4704.S33 1989
Scientific Perspectives on Animal Welfare HV 4704.S34 1982
Animal Revolution HV 4705.R93 1989
Animals and Society: The Humanity of Animal Rights HV 4705 .T47 1991
Animal Welfare HV 4708 .A64 1985
Farm Animal Welfare HV 4708 .B43 1987, 1988, 1989
Beyond the Bars: the Zoo Dilemma HV 4708 .B49 1987
Illusions of Animal Rights HV 4708 .C37 1990
The Animals Issue: Moral Theory in Practice HV 4708 .C38 1992
Ethical and Moral Issues Relating to Animals HV 4708 .C55 1988
Animal Welfare Handbook HV 4708 .C56 1993
Animal Suffering: the Science of Animal Welfare HV 4708 .D3
Taking Animals Seriously: Mental Life and Moral Status HV 4708 .D44 1996
Returning to Eden: Animal Rights and Human Responsibility HV 4708.F72 1980
Farm Animal Welfare: Crisis or Opportunity for Agriculture? HV 4708.H35 1991
Christianity and the Rights of Animals HV 4708 .L564 1987
An Unnatural Order HV 4708.M37 1993
Animal Welfare & Human Values HV 4708.P74 1993
Case for Animal Rights HV 4708.R43 1983
Biology, Ethics, and Animals HV 4708.R63 1990
Animal Rights and Human Morality HV 4708.R64
Animal's Rights: Considered in Relation to Social Progress HV 4708.S17 1980
Morals,Reason, and Animals HV 4708.S23 1987
Animal Liberation: Towards an End to Man's Inhumanity to Animals HV 4708.S56 1983, 1990b
Animals in Society, A Veterinary Viewpoint HV 4708.S68 1986
Status of Animals HV 4708 .S73 1989
Ethical and Moral Issues Relating Animals HV 4708.S93 1992
Animal Rights and Human Obligations HV 4711.A56 1989
Animal Rights, Environmental Ethics Debate HV 4711.A575 1992
Animal Rights: Opposing Viewpoints HV 4711.A58 1989
Animals and Women HV 4711.A59 1995
Ethics and Animals HV 4711.E87 1983
Animals, Men, and Morals HV 4711.G58 1972
In Defence of Animals HV 4711.I6 1985
Political Theory and Animal Rights HV 4711.P65 1990
Animals and Man HV 4711.R58 1986
Training Materials for Animal Facility Personnel HV 4712.C455 1990
Training Materials in the National Agriculture Library Relating to Animal Welfare HV 4712.C456 1988
From Rhetoric to Action HV 4712 .S39 1990a
Teaching of Animal Welfare HV 4712.T43 1987
Animal Rights: Stories of People Who Defend the Rights of Animals HV 4725.U33C87
Proceedings of the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation HV 4731.A54 1988
Euthanasia of Amphibians and Reptiles HV 4731.E86 1989
Euthanasia of Dogs and Cats: an Analysis of Experience and Current Knowledge with Recommendations for Research HV 4731.E87 1978
Euthanasia of the Companion Animal HV 4731.E877 1988
Euthanasia of Unwanted, Injured or Diseased Animals or for Educational or Scientific Purposes HV 4731.E98 1987
Animal Euthanasia HV 4731.K74 1993
Animal Euthanasia HV 4731.S55 1990
U.F.A.W. Handbook on the Care and Management of Farm Animals HV 4735.U54
Farm Animal Welfare HV 4757.R65 1995
Animal Welfare: Positions, Recommendations, and Background Information HV 4763.A44 1990
Animal Rights Handbook HV 4764.A55 1990
Careers as an Animal Rights Activist HV 4764 .F54 1993
Inhumane Society HV 4764.F695 1990
AnimalScam: The Beastly Abuse of Animal Rights HV 4764.M225 1993
Of Mice, Models, and Men: A Critical Evaluation of Animal Research HV 4764.R69 1984
From Welfare to Liberation HV 4712 .R96 1992a
Animal Liberators: Research and Mortality HV 4764.S68 1988
Animal Rights: A Reference Handbook HV 764.S5 1994.
The Hijacking of the Humane Movement HV 4764.S785 1993
Animal Welfare Manual HV 4764.U55 1986
Politics of Farm Animal Welfare HV 4765.A5M4 1990
Going Wild: Hunting, Animal Rights and the Contested meaning of Nature HV 4765.M4 D59 1994
Annual Report of the Animal Medical Center HV 4766.N5A55
Men and Beasts: An Animal Rights Handbook HV 4805.A3D84 1984
Animal Welfare in New Zealand HV 4890.4.A3A55 1992
Arctic Wars, Animal Rights, Endangered Peoples HV 4890.69 .A3L9413 1992
Animal Experimentation: the Moral Issues HV 4915.A64 1991
Animal Experimentation: the Consensus Changes HV 4915.A65 1989b
Psychological Factors Influencing Judgement and Attitude Regarding Animal Research HV 4915 .B43 1990a
Lab Animal Abuse HV 4915 .C68 1990
Physical and Mental Suffering of Experimental Animals HV 4915.D56 1979
Case for Animal Experimentation: an Evolutionary and Ethical Perspective HV 4915.F67 1986
In the Name of Science HV 4915.O75 1993
Psychologists' Attitudes on the Ethics of Animal Research HV 4915 .O88 1993a
Man and Mouse: animals in medical research HV 4915.P38 1993
Science, Medicine, and Animals HV 4915.S35 1991
Cruel Deception: The Use of Animals in Medical Research HV 4915.S497 1988
Welfare of Experimental Animals HV 4918.A45 1991
Welfare of Experimental Animals HV 4918.C55 1991
Welfare of Experimental Animals HV 4918.L37 1988
Constructing Laboratory Animals HV 4918 .P49 1991a
Animal Experiments and Their Alternatives HV 4918.S77 1987
Alternatives to Animal Use in Research, Testing, and Education HV 4928.A5747 1986
Using Animals in Intramural Research HV 4928.U82 1994


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