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Kansas State University

Animals in Society Collection

Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion

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Animal Minds & Human Morals: The Origins of the Western Debate

B187.M55S67 1993

Classical Conditioning

BF319.C573 1987

Dominance & Affection

BF632.5.T83 1984

Between Animal and Man

BF671.F64 1976

Toward an Interspecific Psychology

BF671.L96 1992a

Pet Loss: A Thoughtful Guide for Adults and Children

BF723.A45N53 1982

Children and the Death of a Pet

BF723.D3B35 1990

Imitation in Human and Animal Behavior

BF723 .I53 W87 1996

Veterinary Medical Practice: Pet Loss and Human Emotion

BF789.D4V47 1981

Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals

BJ1335 .W33 1996

Of God and Pelicans

BT696.M33 1989

Aquinas on the Nature and Treatment of Animals

BT746 .B37 1995

Animal Theology

BT746.L56 1995


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