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Kansas State University

Animals in Society Collection


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Human-Pet Relationship SF411 .H85 1985
Coping with the Loss of a Pet SF411.47 .L46 1992
Companion Animal Loss and Pet Owner Grief SF411.47 .R67 1993
People-Pet Partnership Program SF411.P285 1980
Pet Animals and Society SF411.P4
Animals and People Sharing the World SF411.4.A56 1988
Animals as Companions SF411.4 .E53 1991
Betty White's Pet-Love SF411.4.W48 1983
An Investigation of the Relationship of Grief Experience after the Death of a Companion Pet and Human-Animal Bonding Components SF411.47.H46 1983
How to Cope with the Death of a Pet SF411.47.H69 1989
For the Love of Princess SF411.47.K55 1987
Health Benefits of Pets SF411.47.N54 1987
Pet Loss and Human Bereavement SF411.47.P48 1984
Pets and the Family SF411.47.P485 1985
Companion Animal Loss and Pet Owner Grief SF411.47.R67 1986
Loss of a Pet SF411.47.S54 1993
Friends, Confidants, and Companion Animals SF 411.47 Z37 1991a
Unwanted Pets and the Animal Shelter: the Pet Population Problem in New York State SF411.5.A73
Companion Animals in Society SF411.5.C66 1988
Living Together: People, Animals and the Environment SF411.5.D44
People, Animals and the Environment: Exploring our Interdependence SF411.5.D45 1988, 1990, 1991
People Animals and Nature:Delta Society Tenth Annual Conference SF411.5D45 1991
Guidelines to Start a Long Term Care Facility Pet Therapy Program SF411.5.G85 1984
Handbook of Animal Welfare SF411.5.H36
Human-Pet Relationships SF411.5.H86 1991
Interrelations Between People and Pets SF411.5.I57
Learning and Living Together: Building the Human-Animal Bond SF411.5.L42 1986, 1988
New Perspectives on Our Lives with Companion Animals SF411.5.N48 1983
Pet Connection SF411.5.P47 1983
Pets, Benefits and Practice SF411.5 .P473 1990
Pet Therapy Questions SF411.5.P48 1984
Question-Pet Facilitated Therapy in Long Term Care Facilities SF411.5.Q83 1986
In the Company of Animals SF411.5.S47 1986
Veterinary Clinics of North America: Human-Companion Animal Bond SF411.5.S95 1985
Games Pets Play SF412.5.F64 1987
Tellington Touch: a Breakthrough Technique to Train and Care for Your Favorite SF412.7.T45 1992
Proceedings of the BVA Animal Welfare Foundations Sixth Symposium SF413 .A54 1988
Proceedings of the BVA Animal Welfare Foundations Seventh Symposium SF413 .A54 1989
Living with Pets SF413.H33 1977
Responsible Petmanship SF413.R47 1980
You Never Know What Will Show Up SF413.S6 1994
Animal Happiness SF416 .H43 1994
Pets and Human Development SF416.L48
Care of Uncommon Pets SF416.2.W43
Pure-Bred Dogs/American Kennel Gazette Special Issue: Human-Animal Bond SF421.A52 Nov 1989
Man and Dog SF422.7.B4713 1988
A Dog is Listening SF426.C337 1992
How to be Your Pet's Best Friend SF426.F69
The Dog SF427.A12S62 1994
Responsible Dog Ownership SF427.D29 1994
Your Dog Companion and Helper SF431.P39
The Dog who Loved Too Much SF433 .D63 1996
Ecology of the Surplus Dog and Cat Problem: Proceedings SF433.E45 1974
Body Language and Emotion of Dogs: A Practical Guide to the Physical and Behavioral Displays Owners and Dogs Exchange and How to Use Them to Create a Lasting Bond SF433.M55 1986
The Cat SF442.A12S62 1994
Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Rabbits SF453.A12.A43 1994
Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Selected Birds SF461.A12K74 1994
Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Poultry SF487 .A12 K74 1995
Poultry Housing and Facilities SF494.5.C55 1990
Raising Quail, Partridge, Pheasant, Bobwhites, and Ostriches SF510.Q2L37 1992
Animal Illness and Human Emotion SF601.P75 v.3:no.1


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