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Kansas State University

Animals in Society Collection


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Moral Matters: Ethical Issues In Medicine and the Life Sciences R724.C343 1995
Alternatives to the use of Live Vertebrates in Biomedical Research and Testing R853.A53A4
Ethics of Using Animals in Biomedical Research R853.A53E74 1991
Experimental Animal in Biomedical Research R853.A53E86 1990 v.1-2
Animals: Facing the Challenge R853.A53I57 1990
Comparison of the Effects of Companion Animals and Music on Nursing Home Residents RA999.R42C65 1984
Animal Testing Alternatives RA1199.A533 1995
Animals and Alternatives in Testing RA1199.4.A54Z87 1994
Alternatives to Animal Testing: New Ways in the Biomedical Sciences, Trends, and Progress RA1199.4.I5A44 1994
Animals for Medical Research: Models for the Study of Human Disease RB125.M27
Four-Footed Therapist RC489.P47R83 1987
Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin RC553 A88 G74 1995
Human Dignity and Animal Well-Being RG 133.5 .H37 1991
Pet Therapy RM931.A65A735 1986
Pet Therapy RM931.A65A75 1992
Between Pets and People RM931.A65B43 1983
Pets and the Elderly; The Therapeutic Bond RM931.A65C88 1984
Therapy Dogs RM 931 .A65 D38 1992
Loving Bond: Companion Animals in the Helping Professions RM931.A65L68 1987
Physiological Manifestations of Human/Animal Interaction in the Adult Population Over 55 RM 931 .D63 1988a


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