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Kansas State University

Animals in Society Collection


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AV Magazine HV 4905.A18
AVAR Directions HV 4701.A87
AWI Quarterly HV 4761.A2A56
Advances in Animal Welfare Science HV 4701.A38
Animal People HV 4701.A545
Animal Rights Law Reporter KF390.5.A5A132
Animals HV 4701.O8
Animal's Agenda HV 4701.A4
Animal Welfare HV 4701.A553
Animal Welfare Information Center Newsletter HV 4701.A55
Anthrozoos QL85.A57
Companion Animal News SF981.C6
Ethics and Animals HV 4701.E83
HSUS News HV 4708.H85
Helping Hands News HV 4766.T62H45
Information Report HV 4761.A2A56
Interactions of Man and Animals QL85.I58
International Foundation for Ethical Research - Newsletter SF405.5.I58
John Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing HV 4701.J64
Journal of the Delta Society QL85.J68
Laboratory Animal Welfare SF405.5.L33
Latham Letter SF411.5.L37
PETA's Animal Times HV 4701.P48
Pet Services Journal SF411.P485
Methods of Animal Experimentation QL55.G3
NAVS Bulletin HV 4905.N38
Newsletter of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior QL750.N49
People, Animals, Environment SF411.5.P46
Poultry Press SF481.P675
SCAW Newsletter HV 4701.S33
Science and Animal Care HV 4701.S35
Spotlight Z7164.C45W6
Volunteer Newsletter HV 4701.V65


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