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Animals in Society Collection


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Welfare and Management of Wild Animals in Captivity


Beyond Fair Chase

SK 36.9 .P67 1994

Superpigs and Wondercorn

TP 248.6 .F69 1992

Personal Care With Principle: a guide to choosing cruelty-free cosmetics and household products

TP983.A6 P4 1993

Slaughter of Stock: a Practical Review and Guide

TS1960.B52 1988

The Compassionate Cook- A Vegetarian Cookbook

TX837 .C593 1993

Friendly Foods

TX837 .P528 1991

Housing, husbandry, and welfare of beef cattle

Z5074.C33B47 1992

Transport and Handling of Livestock

Z5074.C33B475 1992

Stress in Cattle

Z5074.C33S928 1990

Welfare, Care and Husbandry of Cattle

Z5074.C33S93 19980

Llamas and South American Camelids

Z5074.L7C54 1989

Welfare of Poultry

Z5074.P8C56 1990

Housing, Stress, and Welfare of Sheep and Goats

Z5074.S49K744 1992

Biotechnology, Patenting Issues

Z5322.B7W37 1993

Transgenic Animals

Z5322.G4D63 1994


Z5970.E37 1994

Equine Housing and Facilities

Z6240.C55 1990

Stress in Horses

Z6240.C555 1990

Welfare of Horses

Z6240.C665 1990

Animal Care and Use Committees

Z6674.A44 1992

Biotechnology: Gene Transfer in Animal Systems

Z6674.B564 1989

Biotechnology: Growth Hormone in the Pig

Z6674.B567 1989

Animal Care and Use Committees

Z6674.C55 1990

Alternatives to the Use of Animals in Research and Education

Z6674.E54 1988, 1989

Animal Euthanasia

Z6674.N36 1988

Animal Models of Disease

Z6674.S65 1992, 1994

Animal Models of Disease

Z6674.S89 1988

Human-Animal Bond

Z6980.A45 1985

Ethical and Moral Issues Relating to Animals

Z7164 .C45 A45 1993

Animal Experimentation and Animal Rights

Z7164 .C45 A55 1987

Annotated Bibliography on Laboratory Animal Welfare

Z7164 .C45 A56 1991

Reference Materials for Members of Animal Care and Use Committees

Z7164 .C45 B3 1991

Audiovisuals Relating to Animal Care, Use and Welfare

Z7164 .C45 B47 1991

Annotated Bibliography of Selected Materials Concerning the Philosophy of Animal Rights

Z7164 .C45 G54 1988

Animal Rights, Animal Welfare, and Human-Animal Relationships

Z7164 .C45 L62 1986

Bibliography on Animal Rights and Related Matters

Z7164 .C45 M35

Keyguide to Information Sources in Animal Rights

Z7164 .C45 M36 1989

The Animal Rights Movement in The United States

Z7164 .C45 M38 1994

Animal Rights: A Bibliography

Z7164 .C45 N67 1991

Animal Welfare Legislation and Regulation

Z7164 .C45 S93 1989

Welfare, Care, and Husbandry of Swine

Z7164 .C45 S935 1990

Attitudes Toward Animals and Their Uses: Literature Citations and Animal Welfare Organization Data

Z7164 .C45 W55 1977

Man's Feelings Toward Animals and Their Uses

Z7164 .C45 W56

Bibliography of Human/Animal Relations

Z7994 .A56 K44 1985

Senior Citizens Home Aide Service Pet Placement Project Bibliography

Z7997 .P4 N48 1985


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