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Kansas State University

Animals in Society Collection


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Animals in Folklore GR 705 A53 1988
Institution Without Walls HV 1559. G3157 1975
Lean on Me HV 1569.6 L43 1990
Animal Welfare/Animal Rights HV 4704.A538 1991
Ethics of Animals in Our Lives HV 4704.E84 1990
The Ethics of Humans Using Animals for Food and Fiber HV 4704.E845 1991
What's the Beef? HV 4708 .G66 1991
The Heart of the Matter HV 4708 .H43 1993
Image of Animals Today HV 4708 .I43 1986
Intercultural Views of Animals HV 4708 .I58 1986
Reverence for Life HV 4708 .R48 1986
Share the Care: Humane Education HV 4708 .S53 1986
Their Future in Your Hands HV 4708 .T44 1992
To Hunt or Not to Hunt HV 4708 .T6 1986
Use of Animals in Teaching, Research, and Agriculture HV 4711 .L69 1991
Issues in Food Animal Production HV 4757 .I87 1986
Americas' View of Animals HV 4761 .A3 A44 1986
Sentenced for Life HV 4805 .S46 1990
Hope HV 4930 .H67 1990
Prison Pet Partnership HV 9276 .P75 1975
Animal Care QA18 .A55 1992
Animals in Urban Working and Living Spaces QH541.5 C6 A55 1988
Caring for Life QL55 .C3 1985
Animals in Zoos QL77.5 .A55 1986
Close Relationships QL85 .C56 1986
The Delta Society QL85.D45 1989
Future of Human Animal Relations QL85.F88 1986
The Human Animal Bond QL85.H84 1985
It's a Very Special Privilege QL85.P3 T7 1975
World Without Domestication QL85.W67 1986
Grizzly & Man QL737.C27 G742 1991
If Dolphins Could Talk QL737.C432 I4 1990
Telepathic Communication with Animals QL776.T45 1990
Do Animals Think and Feel? QL785.D6 1986
Fact and Fiction: Pets and Public Health Concerns RA639 F33 1986
Dr. Michael McCulloch: A Man who Loved Animals RC438.6 .M33 D7 1980
Pet Therapy in Psychiatric Facilities RC489 .P47 P478 1980z 1986
Pets by Prescription RC489.P47P48 1986
Therapy Dogs: Training your Dog to Reach Others RM391 .A65 D38 1992
Introductory Animal Handler Skills Course for Animal-Assisted Activities and Therapy RM931 A65 I58 1986
Companion Animals in Health Care Centers: Live-in Fish, Live-in Rabbit RM391 .A65 L53
Pet Facilitated Therapy RM931 .A65 P48 1988
Spark: Special Populations Activities for Rural Kansans RM931 .A65 S63 1986
Ability not Disability RM931. H6A25 1975
Tuskegee Behavior Test of Selecting Therapy Dogs RM931 .A65 T87 1993
Companion Animals in Health Care Centers RM931 .A65 V57 1985
I Know What I Want S494.5 .A4 I2 1990
A Step Beyond S 533 F66 S74 1995
A Question of Ethics S 533 .Q47 1994
Animal Agriculture SF75.5 .A55 1990
91 Barn Tour SF205 .A15 1991
Family Veal Farming SF205.F36 1992
Beef Cattle Behavior, Handling, and Facilities Design SF206 .G73 1994
Cattlemen Care About Animal Welfare SF207 .C37 1991
Quality Beef Begins with You SF207 .Q83 1990
Understanding Your Horse's Behavior SF281 U53 1986
Environmental Enrichment SF 408 .E58 1990
Counseling Clients SF411.47 .C68 1989
Healing the Hurt SF 411.47 H43 1990
Loss of Your Pet SF411.47 .L67 1989
Pet Bereavement SF 411.47 P44 1988
Understanding Client Pet Loss SF411.47 .U53 1989
Impact of Companion Animals on the Quality of Human Life SF411.5 .M35
Our pets, Our Health SF411.5 .O97 1980
Role of Animals in Human Development SF411.5 .S26
Planned Pethood SF413 .P52 1974
Responsible Petmanship SF413 .R47 1980
Muffin, The "Homeless" Dog SF 414.2 M84 1990
Grieving the Loss of Animals in our Lives SF414.5 .G75 1988
Petpourri #1 SF416.2 .P48 1991
1981 Veterinary Practice: Pet Loss and Human Emotion SF427 .N5
Working Dogs SF 428.2 W67 1988
Housing, husbandry, and welfare of poultry SF487 .A12 K74 1994
Hidden Suffering SF494.5 .H54 1992
Raw Footage, Raw Pain SF494.5 .R38 1993
A Step Beyond: A Question of Ethics SF533 .F66 S74 1994 and Guide
A Question of Ethics: Why Some People Should and Why Some People Should Not be Involved with the Junior Livestock Program SF533 .Q47 1994
and Guide
Normal and Abnormal Behavior in Domestic Livestock Used for Research SF756.7 .N67 1993
Understanding Farm Animal Behavior SF756.7.U53 1986
Healthy Pets, Healthy People SF981 .H43 1992
Aquaculture: Salmon and Trout Farming SH135 .S12 Y684 1994
Ducks Under Siege SK333 .D8 D83 1991
In Celebration of America's Wildlife SK361.I5 1987
A Question of Safety TS175 Q47 1988
Audio-visuals Relating to Animal Care, Use, and Welfare Z7164 .C45 B47 1993


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