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Kansas State University

Animals in Society Collection

Animal Culture

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Plants, Animals, and People: Agropastoral Systems Research S494.5.A47P57 1992
Conducting On-Farm Research S540.O53A44 1989
Environmental and Welfare Aspects of Intensive Livestock Housing S671.S54 no.19
Humane Control of Land Mammals and Birds: Proceedings SB950.H85 1985
Pocket Guide to the Humane Control of Wildlife in Cities and Towns SB 950.8 .P63 1991
Ethology and Ethics of Farm Animal Welfare Enforcement SF1.A55 1994
Animal Production: Proceedings SF1.E8 no.24
Animal Agriculture: Executive Summary SF5 .C48 1980A
Farm Animal Welfare in Indiana SF5.F37 1991
Food Animal Well-Being SF5.F66 1993
Workshop I: Problems, Issues and Concerns Affecting Food Animal Agriculture SF5.W6 1990
A Partnership for Humans and Animals SF41 .M36 1991
Animal Agriculture: Myths & Facts SF51.A55 1989
Agricide: the Hidden Crisis that Affects Us All SF51.F69 1986
Animal Factories SF51.M37 1980
Animal Estate: the English and Other Creatures in the Victorian Age SF53.R58 1987
Recent Advances in Improving the Health of British Farm Livestock SF55.G7N37 1987
Farm Animals: Husbandry, Behavior, and Veterinary Practice: Viewpoints of a Critic SF61.F63 1984
Management and Welfare of Farm Animals SF61.M36 1988
Farm Animal Welfare SF61.S25 1986
Transport and handling of Livestock and Poultry SF89.A12B4 1994
Animal Housing Injuries Due to Floor Surfaces SF91.A5
Farm Animals and the Environment SF91.F385 1992
Livestock Housing SF91.L587 1994
Recent advances in animal nutrition SF95.R43 1994
Factory Farming: The Experiment that Failed SF105.F32 1987
Gene Transfer in Animal Systems SF105.W37 1992
Climate and Cattle Production SF140.C57W45 1991
Animal Factories SF140.L58M37 1990
Veal Calves: Jan 1979-Aug 1992 SF205.B47 1992
Beef Cattle Behavior, Handling, and Facilities Design SF206 .G73 1994
Calf Housing and Facilities SF206.S93 1990
Dairy Cattle Housing and Facilities SF206.S934 1990
Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Dairy Cattle SF239.A12D47 1993
Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Dairy Cattle SF239 .A12 J47 1995
Horse Watching SF281 .M67 1989
Hoofbeats and Society SF284.4.L39 1985
Contributions to Equine Welfare SF285.C66 1990
Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Horses SF285.S5 1993, 1994
Horses and Their Women SF301 .C54 1993
Teaching Disabled Riders SF309.26.H35L66 1984
Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Sheep and Goats SF375.A12B4 1994
Goat Production and Marketing in the United States SF383.4 .A12 C35 1992 1984
Goat Husbandry in the U.S. SF383.4 .M33 1987
Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Swine SF395 .S914 1995
Swine Care Handbook SF395.S84 1992
Welfare of Pigs: Seminar in the EEC Program of Coordination of Research on Animal Welfare SF395.W36
Swine Housing and Facilities SF396.3.S93 1990


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