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Kansas State University

Graduate & Residency Programs


The Department of Diagnostic Medicine Pathobiology provides professional and graduate training in the disciplines of clinical pathology, pathology, microbiology, parasitology, and public health. The department has an essential role in the education of veterinary students, during all four years of the professional curriculum. The graduate program provides advanced educational opportunities in all departmental disciplines. Our department is comprised of large numbers of women and minority students, and we represent a wide variety of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. This diversity contributes to developing an understanding that is extraordinarily valuable to our graduates as they enter their respective careers whether it be in international pharmaceuticals, academia, government service, or the biomedical field.

Welcome to DM/P Graduate Program

"The pleasure and delight of knowledge and learning, it far surpasses all other in nature......."
       - Francis Bacon, 1561-1626