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Kansas State University



Michael B. Cates





Michael B. Cates
DVM 1980, Texas A&M University
MPH 1987, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston
Diplomate 1989, ACVPM
Distinguished Diplomate 2008, ACVPM

Professor, and
Director, K-State Master of Public Health Program

Phone: (785) 532-2117





My main responsibilities revolve around the management and administration of Kansas State’s Master of Public Health Program, our interdisciplinary graduate degree program, involving faculty, staff and students from multiple departments, colleges and support units on this campus.  I will also coordinate and teach veterinary public health and zoonoses in the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

The health of humans, animals and the environment are inextricably linked, in my opinion, and the approaches we recommend for improving the health in one of those categories must consider and usually include the other two.  The outstanding array of expertise on this campus, spanning the many aspects of “one health,” provides a unique blend of education, research and service opportunities, aimed toward improving the health of animals, humans and communities in Kansas and beyond.

My background includes over 28 years of what I call “practice” in a blend of veterinary medicine and public health in the military.  That included traditional small animal medicine and surgery, equine medicine, marine mammal medicine, food safety and security, zoonoses prevention and control, training, administration and management, as well as a multitude of other duties I categorize broadly as “veterinary service support”.  As with most military, my experience was in many locations, in several states and countries.  For the four years immediately prior to joining the K-State faculty, I had the privilege of serving as the senior veterinarian in the Department of Defense and as the senior public health officer in the Army.  In those positions, I saw the value in and the need for more collaboration among academia, government agencies, and the practitioners and others truly interested in promoting and protecting the health of those around us.  I feel very fortunate to be part of such a great team here at Kansas State.


Selected Publications:

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